About Athlete

Hi, my name is Ella Persson and I’m a volleyball player from Sweden. In 2021 I was sIelected to the top Volleyball High School of Sweden, RIG Falköping, where I do my third and last year. RIG Falköping is the Swedish Volleyball Federation’s nationwide high school for volleyball players. They select only nine players per year. And now I’m looking forward to continue my journey at a college the next upcoming years.



SAT Total Score

IFK Helsingborg, 2014 - 2021. Division 1 2020/2021.

RIG Falköping (swedish federation school), 2021/2022 division 1, 2022/2023 division 1, 2023/2024 Elit. (Elit is the highest division in Sweden, and after comes division 1)

Under 19 national team 2023


2023 Nevza Gold (under 19 swedisg national team)

Additional sporting info


Personal Best

Standing reach - 225cm | 89in
Jumping reach - 285cm | 112in
Wing span - 172cm | 68in

What makes you different?

I have played volleyball for a long time so I have great control with the ball. And I have played different positions which have helped me with being good at tactics and the understanding of the game.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because there is nothing else like college, the training and the expirience on campus is going to be life changing.

College Goals?

I want to become a great volleyball player, and get noticed by division 1.

Anything else we should know?

I am a kind and cheerful person who people enjoy having on their team.



Senior high school