Gabriel Elliott Angkriwan

December 6, 2008

About Athlete

My name is Gabriel Elliott Angkriwan, but I’m usually called Elliott. I’m 14 years old, am a swimming athlete from Indonesia. With my passion in swimming, my ultimate goal is to be qualified for Olympics. Apart from swimming, I aim to have a solid education and I believe that school and swimming should be balanced.




Hiu Swim Team , Indonesia (2015 - present)
Regional Swim Team , Indonesia (2021 - present)
Bolles School Sharks (2023 - present)


Southeast Asian age swimming (SEAAGE) championship 2022

Age Nationals Swimming championship 2022, 2023 (4 golds 2023, 1 silver 1 bronze, 2022)

Regional swimming championship 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 (26 total medals, 12 gold)

Additional sporting info


Personal Best

2023 (LCM)
50M FREESTYLE = 26.09
100M FREESTYLE = 56.65
200M FREESTYLE = 2.02.20
50M BR = 31.24
100M BR = 1.08.20
200M BR = 2.32.23
200M IM = 2.18.90

What makes you different?

I research a lot about sports science and how to get better, I focus more on best times, improving and the long term progress of my career, rather than focusing on just winning.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Competing in college will give me the persepective of other student athletes, it will give me better competition and ultimately be a very significant part of my life.

College Goals?

-Getting recruited into division 1 swimming
-Getting top 5 in the southeast Asian games
-Qualifying for Asian games
-Qualifying for NCAA



Grade 7 - 9

Sekolah Ciputra

I entered Sekolah Ciputra when i was in 7th grade, Sekolah Ciputra is one of the only ib based schools in Surabaya, it was an amazing school, 7th grade was tough because covid hit when I was in school, everything was online for almost 2 years, things got better and i improved myself throughout those 3 years, at the end of 9th grade, I left Sekolah Ciputra to continue my education in another school, on the other side of the globe...


10th grade - graduation

2023 - 2026
The Bolles school

I got recommended by my coach about this school located in Jacksonville, Florida. Where they had a legendary swim program that created olympians like a factory and a few world record holders. I did alot of research about The Bolles School and ended up joining the school and its swim team on 2023. Having to leave my home country was tough, but I know i had to, in order to get better at swimming.