Ema Maria Fornelos Cruz

November 7, 2004


About Athlete

My biggest objective is to make the most of the experience in its both strands. I want to combine the improvement of my sports performance with the success of my academic studies. At the same time, I pretend to keep the effort I’ve been having to conciliate the sports and academic life always with an eye on my ultimate goal: become a professional football player.


Portuguese-14; Maths-17; Physics and Chemistry A -15; Biology and Geology- 12; Philosophy-17; English-18; PE- 20; Chemistry-16; English(12ºano)-18

Curso cientifico-humanistico de ciências e tecnologias

Country grading scale: 20-point

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Länk FC Vilaverdense
Âncora Praia FC
ARC Paçô



Torneio interassociações futebol 7 feminino sub-16 (2015/2016)
Vencedor do campeonato distrital infantis 2ªfase (2015/2016)
Torneio interassociações futebol 7 feminino sub-16 (2016/2017)
Torneio Esposende Cup (2017)
1st place in Lisbon Football Youth Cup (2017/2018)
Vencedor do campeonato nacional de juniores (2017/2018)
Torneio interassociações futebol 9 feminino sub-17 (2018/2019)
Vencedor do campeonato inter-distrital Iniciadas sub-15 (2018/2019)
Final Four da Taça Nacional de Juvenis (2018/2019)
Meias-finais do torneio interassociações futebol 7 feminino sub-14 (2018/2019)
Meias-finais da Taça Nacional Juniores Feminino (2018/2019)
Meias-finais da Taça Nacional Juvenil Misto (2018/2019)
Meias-finais da Taça Nacional Juvenil Feminino (2018/2019)
2nd place in Torneio de Albergaria (2018/2019)
2nd place in Gothia Cup sub-18 (junho de 2019)
Vencedor do “XI Trofeo Jorge Souto” (2019/2020)
Subida à Liga BPI (primeira divisão sénior) (2020/2021)
2º lugar do campeonato nacional II divisão feminina (2020/2021)

1st Lisbon Football Youth Cup

2nd Gothia Cup

Additional sporting info

Player of the month season (2016/2017)

Debut in senior football at 14 years old

Personal Best

Biggest strengths within my game: vision of the game, pass and speed

Season Statistics: 10 games, 7 goals, 9 assists

What makes you different?

My focus has always been in football but with the conscience that I could never forget my school duties. With this mindset I made an non-stop effort to distribute my time and so I could maximize it: I delineate a study schedule, specially during the tests season, I ask for my colleagues help when I think I need it and I never forget the relevance of rest (it is crucial for my school performance).

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always dream of competing and studying in US where the football played and the academic conditions for a sportswoman like me seemed to be excellent. So, I work everyday to have the eligibility requirements and play on a high level.

College Goals?

As far as sports is concerned, I want to help my team conquering all the competitions we participate in and of course I'll work to give a solid input for those achievements. Regarding to academic wise I want to graduate in science of sports or something related to that so I can spend my whole life either as sportswoman or as professional in the area (hopefully after my soccer career).

Anything else we should know?

I consider myself an ambitious and persistent person, focusing on always achieving my goals and above all helping the team. Also, I always try to create a good environment between me and my teammates.


EB2,3/S Arcos de Valdevez