Emma Morgans

January 3, 2005


About Athlete

My intention is to bring my hard-work and diligence into both academia and sport, as well as delivering nothing but top-tier results for the college I represent.


High School marks: English: A-
AP English: Awaiting results Afrikaans: C
Mathematics: B-
Life Orientation: A
Visual Arts: A
Geography: A+
History: A


Position: Sculling, both sweep sides

Personal bests:

  • 30 minute ergo- 6198m (2:10.10) [15 years old] 
  • 5000m ergo- 20:47
  • 2000m ergo- 7:49

Personal Strengths:

  • Proficient on both Starboard and Portside (sweep)
  • Flexible around crew boat arrangement
  • Completed a coxswain course

2020/21 season:

Invited to train with the U19 Junior National Training Squad

2019/20 season:

South African Schools Rowing Championships (2000m):

4th JWU16 1X (9:18.71)*

1st JWU16 2X (8:00.38)

2nd JWU16 4X+ (7:54.32)

Buffalo river regatta (2000m):

2nd JWU16 1X (9:35.00)

1st JWU16 2X (9:28.30)

1st JWU16 4x+ (8:35.21)

Selborne sprints (Buffalo river 500m)

1st JWU16 2X (1:43.90)

2nd JWU16 4x+ (1:47.20)

VLC national sprints (1000m):

1st WB 1X (4:20.11)

2nd WB 2X (4:12.16)

1st WB 4X+ (3:56.23)

2018/19 season:

Gauteng Schools Rowing Championships (2000m):

6th JWU16 1x (10:23.93)

6th JWU16 2x (8:24.19)

2nd JWU16 4x+ (7:49.26)

South African Schools Rowing Championships (1000m):

9th JWU15 1X (4:18.95)*

3rd JWU15 2X (4:22.90)*

3rd JWU15 4X+ (3:54.59)

2017/18 season:

Gauteng Schools Rowing Championships (1000m):

7th JWU15 1x (5:24.64)

4th JWU15 2x (4:43.02)

1st JWU15 4x+ (4:12.46)

South African Schools Rowing Championships (1000m):

22nd JWU14 1x (5:23.10)*

1st JWU14 4x+ (4:01.20)

2nd JWU14 8x+ (3:51.92)

VLC National Sprints (1000m):

11th JWU14 1x (5:16.44)

4th JWU2x (4:35.40)

1st JWU14x+ (4:12.53)

*Excluding non-South African crews

Awards, press


- Junior colours for rowing

- Merit award for continual high performance in rowing


- Rowing achievements were published in the local newspaper

- Featured in the Saturday Star (National newspaper) for continual high performance at the South African Schools Rowing championships

- Made local press for high achievements at the South African Schools Rowing championships


- Cross-country

- Visual Arts

Additional sporting info

I compete in local cross-country competitions

What makes you different?

Delivering nothing but a golden standard is the norm for me. I always give my full attention and effort into every trial and tribulation I am faced with. My peers describe me as “self-driven, confident, and a team player who brings out the best in any of the athletes I cross paths with.” I go out of my way to assist anyone who needs to be helped and I will offer nothing but my best advice. I pride myself on my continual performance in sport, adopting a team approach to success. I perform well under stress and when the going gets tough, I get going.

Why do you want to compete in college?

In terms of sport, it has been a dream of mine to compete inter-collegiately which could be used as a foundation to compete internationally, as well as to further equip myself with like-minded people, world class coaching, training and performance.

College Goals?

I believe if I choose the right university for me it will broaden my horizons in both academia and sports. My intention is to study journalism-related media and marketing, which could be digitally focussed. I like to combine literature studies as well as creative arts to provide visually appealing, content-driven material. In terms of sport, performing at the highest level I possibly can in a competitive environment is definitely something I believe is an attainable goal for me.



St Mary’s School for Girls

Graduation year: 2022