Enzo Barbaglia

April 17, 2003


About Athlete

My aim is to execute both my studies and my golf as best as I possibly can. I believe that with my motivation and desire, I will have a positive impact on the college team I represent.


Rankings as of 28 February 2021 (age:17)

  • Provincial ranking U19 (current): 21 (best: 12)
  • National ranking U19 (current): 47  (best: 40)

2017 scoring average: 74.6

2018 scoring average: 72.2

2019 scoring average: 75.8

2020 scoring average: No tournaments due to COVID 19

Provincial Team record

-U13 Quadrangular tournament - Team: winners

-U15 Quadrangular tournament. - Team: winners

-U17 Quadrangular tournament - Team: second

- U19 is still to be played


21 February 2021: Cobra/puma CGGU series


Distance: 7640 yards

Score: 75

14 January 2021; Bridgefund series

Finished: T7/54

Distance: 7167 yards

Score: 74

4-5 January 2021: NOMADS Golf RSA national tournament

Finished: T14/68

Distance: 6700 yards roughly

scores: 75,73

17 December 2020: CGGU Junior Festive tour

Finished 5th/60

distance: 7589 yards

Scores: 75

13-15 December: Central Gauteng Open

Finished: T51/137

distance: 7589 yards

Scores: 71,80 (made the cut), 76

6 September 2020: CGGU 18 hole

Finished: T13/64

distance: 7486 yards

score: 77

29-30 August 2020: Cobra/Puma series (open amatuer)

Finished T4/160

Distance: 7652 yards

Scores: 72,72

13 December 2019: CGGU festive tour

Finished T7/70

Distance: 7356 yards

Scores: 74

24 february 2019: BridgeFund series

Finished: T6/67

Distance: 7256 yards

score: 75

20 December 2018: CGGU festive tour

Finished: T6/50

Distance:7365 yards

scores: 76

2 November 2018: BridgeFund series

Finished: 3rd/63

Distance: 7100 yards

score: 72

28 October 2018: BridgeFund series

Finished: 5th/62

Distance: 7436 yards

Score: 71

2 September 2018: TGSE Golf Tournament

Finished: 1st/74 (Won in a playoff against South Africa's number 10 in the U19 age group)

Distance: 7589 yards

Score: 72

3-6 May 2018: KZN strokeplay (open amature)

Finished T32/103

Scores: 79,76,77,80 (tough conditions)

3-5 April 2018: SA U15 challenge at Gowrie

Finished: T4/60

Distance: 6500 yards

Scores: 73,74,69

8 October 2017: National Golf RSA tournament.

The lion of Africa Tournament

finished: T9/65 (best players in Africa)(my personal favorite tournament )

Distance: 6800 yards.

Windy and rainy conditions. (played at the coast)

Scores: 72,74

14 October 2017: BridgeFund series Finished: T13/63

Distance: unknown

Score: 76

17 April 2016: HJGT in Florida

Finished 1st/24

Distance: 6780 yards - roughly

Scores: 75, 69

20 October 2016: PJGT (Premiere junior golf tour) in Florida

Finished: 1st/12

Distance: Unknown

Scores: 81,78

Record: (matchplay)

Played: 24

Won: 20

Draw: 1

Lost: 3

Club distances

Driver: 260 meters

3 wood: 230 meters

hybrid: 210 meters

4 iron: 190 meters

5 iron: 180 meters

6 iron: 170 meters

7 iron: 160 meters

8 iron: 150 meters

9 iron: 140 meters

P wedge: 130 meters

G wedge (50 degree):110 meters

S wedge (54 degree): 95 meters

L wedge (58 degree): 85 meters

Awards, press

In grade 6 and 7 I was captain of the boys prep school golf team at St Stithians College (2015).

In grade 8 I was captain of the The Pine schools (In Florida, USA) junior golf team. (2016).

I Won MVP for the Pine School junior golf team (2016)

In the 2019-2020 golf season I was Junior Club Captain at Bryanston Country Club.

In the 2020-2021 golf season (current) I was again junior club captain at Bryanston Country Club.

Represented my province (made the team) in all age groups since I was 12 years old


Won a total of 70 trophies for SA and US kids golf from ages 11-14.

Played In the US Kids World Champs and European World Champs twice.

As an 11 year old, my father and I won a, ‘Father-Son’ competition at Pebble Beach, Spyglass hill and the preserve golf course.

I’ve been awarded school colours for golf and academics.

Additional sporting info

I am a huge fan of Juventus football club.

I am a also a huge fan of Ferrari Racing Team in Formula 1

I used to play soccer, cricket, rugby and waterpolo when I was in grades 3-7

I workout 3-4 times a week

What makes you different?

Besides being hardworking and extremely dedicated, I enjoy having a great understanding of the technical aspect of golf. When it comes to understanding how to move the golf ball the way I want it to move, I believe that I have an edge over everyone else because this has helped me become one of the most accurate ball strikers and most deadly players around the green. I have seen this to be the area to focus on because with my physical structure, I do not hit the ball as far as most juniors.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Besides having lived in Florida and enjoying the golf and lifestyle, I see College in America the best way to improve my golf game and further my education. After experiencing the challenges at The Pine School in Florida, I can only imagine the bigger and greater challenges College in America will bring!

College Goals?

I want to go above and beyond what the college team wants to achieve. I want to help them become the best possible team that they can be.

Whilst helping and supporting my team achieving their goals, I want to secure myself a Business degree, that will benefit me in the future, and still pursue my golfing dream.

Anything else we should know?

In 2016-2017, my family and I emigrated to Florida where I went to the Pine school in Hobe Sound. I have a golf coach there named Matt De John, which I met when I was 12 years old. From traveling to and from America and living there in 2016-2017, I have experienced a lot of the American lifestyle and golf.