Erik Shukhart

July 15, 2001


About Athlete

My goal is to go to the best university I can with scholarship of studies and golf. And after, to be a professional golfer and play on the European Tour and PGA Tour. 


Following NCAA guidelines Erik’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Tournament Low Score: SCORE: 65 PAR: 70 DISTANCE: 5700 yards

General play Low Score: SCORE: 63 PAR: 70 DISTANCE: 5495

Scoring Average in Tournaments: 73.6 (last 10 rounds)

Current Handicap: +1.1

Top Tournament Results: 

Catalonian Championship by Teams: 66-71 (137) Place 2nd PAR: 71 DISTANCE: 6430 Yards

Friendship Trophy: 75-69 (144) Place 3rd PAR: 72 DISTANCE: 6732 Yards

Maresme Amateur: 69-69 (138) Place 1st PAR:70 DISTANCE: 5495 Yards

Valles Amateur: 65-71 (136) Place 1st PAR:69 Distance: 5700 Yards

Catalonian Championship: 73-75 (148) Place 5th PAR:72 Distance: 6976 Yards

Catalonia Cup:72 Place 1st PAR:72 Distance: 6781 Yards

Championship of Baix Empordà: 70 Place 1st PAR:71 Distance: 6895 Yards

Portuguese Intercollegiate Open: 77-71-76(224) Place 8th PAR: 72 Distance: 6500 Y.

Evolve Spanish Junior Championship:71-73-76(220)Place 3rd PAR:72 Distance: 6976 Y.

Triangular Juvenile U18: 70 Place 1st PAR:72 Distance: 6976 Yards

Iberia Cup: 67 Place 2nd PAR:70 Distance: 5700 Yards

Puntuable Zonal Juvenil RFEG: 76-71 (147) PAR:71 Distance: 6910 Yards

EGR = 1010

National (Catalan) = 8th


Club Distances

Wedge 60: 80 meters

Wedge 54: 95 meters

Wedge 50: 110 meters

P: 125 meters

9: 135 meters

8: 145 meters

7: 155 meters

6: 165 meters

5: 175 meters

4:185 meters

Hybrid: 210 meters

3 Wood: 240 meters

Driver: 285 meters

What makes you different?

I consider myself a responsible person, I have very clear goals, I like to encourage my team and I like to be the captain.

I speak many languages: Spanish, Russian, Catalan, English and I’ve studied 2 years of German and 1 year of French.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I want to be a professional golfer and I know that the future is in the United States. I know I’ll have the best preparation for later to be a professional player.

College Goals?

I would like to study business or something related to computer science.

Anything else we should know?

I'm on the Russian national golf team.