Esben Josephsen

April 23, 2003


About Athlete

I want to combine the things I love the most: playing sport, being social and improve my academic level. I admire the America as a country. Having the opportunity to go and study there and still have focus on my sport is a something unique.


Best Serve 126 MPH

UTR: 8.77


National Ranking: Top 20 U18


  • Farum Tennisklub
  • Hørsholm Tennisklub 
  • Holte Tennisklub (current)


  • Sjællandsmesterskaberne, Single, 2014, 1st Place
  • Sjællandsmesterskaberne, Double, 2014, 2nd Place
  • Tennis Europe Hillerød, Double, 30 May - 05 June 2015. 2nd place
  • Hedehusene Head Cup, Single, 2015, 1st Place
  • Danske Bank Open, Single, 2016, 2nd Place 
  • Danske Bank Open, Single, 2017, 1st Place
  • U14 Koldning, Single, 2017, 2nd Place 
  • SLTU Farum Cup, Single, 2017, 1st Place 
  • VST Cup, Single, 2018, 1st Place
  • Holte Open, Single, 2018, 2nd Place 
  • AB Sensommer Cup, Single, 2018, 1st Place 
  • SLTU HEAD Nykøbing Falster Cup, Single, 2019, 1st Place 
  • Sjællandsmesterskaberne udendørs, double, 2019. 2nd Place 
  • Danmarksmesterskaberne (National Championships) U18, double, 2019. 3rd Place

Awards, press

I am a part of Team Danmark, which is an organization for all the best athletes in Denmark. They support us with studying help, training camps and a lot of other things.

Link to an article with the headline “debutants compete against the world’s elite”. The article is about how I played my first Tennis Europe tournament and won my single and reached the final in double, where me and my Romanian partner lost against Elmer Møller and Holger Rune. Holger just played his first US Open in which he lost to Novak Djokovic 1-6, 7-6, 2-6, 1-6.