Ethan Chidavaenzi

October 16, 2002


About Athlete

I have the objective to give nothing but the best in all that I do, whether it be in my academics or sports. So that I can glorify my surname and represent my country. Mainly to make a positive impact on those I play with, those who watch me and the college/ university I will represent.



2019 1-3 July World youth Rugby Festival (WYRF)(7s)

Representing Limpopo Vikings in California

Day 1

Limpopo vikings(7s) vs Kahu Rugby(7s) 31 : 0 (w)

Limpopo Vikings(7s) vs USA schools(7s) 43 : 7 (w)

Limpopo Vikings(7s) vs Mpumalanga mustangs(7s) 22 : 19 (w)

Day 2

Limpopo Vikings(7s) vs Crusaders(7s) 21 : 26 (L)

Limpopo vikings(7s) vs USA schools(7s) 22 : 0 (w)

Limpopo Vikings(7s) vs Rhinos Rugby Academy(7s) 45 : 0 (w)

Day 3

Semi final

Limpopo Vikings(7s) vs Rhinos Rugby Academy(7s) 49 : 12(w)


Limpopo Vikings(7s) vs Mpumalanga mustangs(7s)

31 : 0 (w)

2017 June

Represented Stanford lake college u/16s in the league Final Against Heuwelkruin.

I was the man of the match

In that year I was awarded rugby player of the year

Stanford vs Heuwelkruin 17 : 12 (w)

- went off to play in a high division and ended up losing in the Semi finals to Christiana Stanford vs Christiana

26 : 40 (L)

*Will be Attending the World Youth Rugby Festival on the 28th of December 2019 to the 5th of January 2020( 15s)


High jump PB is 1.80m

Long jump PB is 6.23m

Triple jump PB is 12.93m

100m sprints PB is 10.93s


Fly-Half, Center, wing and full back

- 2019 kicking stats (Accuracy)16/18 89%

- Represented Limpopo vikings in a tournament in California (club team)

- Represented Mashonaland west (provincial side in Zimbabwe)in 2014 finishing in 2nd

place and was vice captain

- 2017 rugby player of the year

- Was offered two scholarships two Lomagundi college primary school and Peter House

- College in 2014 for schooling in 2015

Awards, press

- WYRF cup trophy for 1st place in 2019

- 2017 rugby player of the year

- Swimming trophies in 2015 and 2017

- Silver medal for Provincial Rugby in 2014

- Gold medal for club hockey in 2018 for Badgers club in men’s league

Additional sporting info

Field Hockey

Position is center link, right link and blocker

Represented Badgers hockey club in 2018 in men’s league


Junior victor ludorum in 2015

Senior victor ludorum in 2017

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