Ethan Connor Ackerman

June 15, 2004


About Athlete

College has always been my next step in life and there are many things that I wish to accomplish whilst at college. For starters I want to find a team in which we will strive to make each other better and encourage one another to be our best. I want to push my golf to its limits and keep growing my game. I believe that college golf will give me the experience that I need to be able to make my dreams of playing on tour come true. If that was not to happen then I want to leave with a degree that will help me succeed in life.


Ethan's GPA would meet NCAA requirements.


Woodlands Junior Pennant team (U18) 2017- Current
Woodlands Colts Pennant Team (U24) 2018- Current




  • Bill Edgar & Louise Briers Junior Tournament | 10 Jan | Commonwealth Golf Club | 6928 yards | Par 73 | 9th +6 over | Round 1 (79)
  • Golf Australia Junior Tournament - Metropolitan | 17 Jan | Metropolitan Golf Club | 7065 yards | Par 72 | T13th +7 over | Round 1 (79)
  • The National Junior Classic | 19 Jan | The National - Long Island Golf Course | 6768 yards | Par 72 | T3 +9 over | Round 1 (81) - tournament almost called off with winds up to 45mp/h


  • US Kids Woodlands Golf Club (Tour Championship) | 6 April | Woodlands Golf Club | 6683 Yards | Par 72 | 1st -2 under | Round 1 (70)
  • Royal Melbourne Junior Tournament | 12 April | Royal Melbourne West Course | 6645 yards | Par 72 | 21st +11 over | Round 1 (83)
  • School Sports Victoria Secondary Schools Golf Event | 23 April | Woodlands Golf Club | 2873 Yards | Par 36 | 2nd E Par | Round 1 (36)
  • Alec Calvert Junior Tournament | 27 June | Port Fairy Golf Club | 6438 Yards | Par 72 | 2nd +4 Over | Round 1 (76)
  • Golf Peninsula Vic Junior Masters | 5 & 6 July | The Dunes Links & Rosebud Country Club |  
  • The Dunes - 7064 Yards, Rosebud Country Club – 6989 Yards | The Dunes – Par 72, Rosebud – Par 71 | T6 +10 Over | (79,74)
  • Woodlands Inc. Liz Bruton & Perc Morling Trophies | 9 July | Woodlands Golf Club | 6683 Yards | Par 72 | T6 +5 Over | Round 1 (77)
  • Victoria Signature Tournament | 14 Nov | Gardiners Run Golf Club | 6870 yards | Par 72 | T4 +1 over | Round 1 (73)
  • Victorian Junior Open | 13-16 Dec | Barwon Heads & 13th Beach golf club (Beach & Creek course) | Barwon Heads = 5638 yards, 13th Beach (Beach Course) = 6139 yards & (Creek course) = 6081 yards | Par 70, 72, 72, 72 | T31st +20 over | Round 1 (78), Round 2 (76), Round 3 (74), Round 4 (78)

Club distances

All distances are carry

Driver – 275 Yards

3 Wood – 240 Yards

3 Iron – 218 Yards 

4 Iron – 207 yards

5 Iron – 196 Yards

6 Iron – 185 Yards

7 Iron – 170 Yards

8 Iron – 159 Yards

9 Iron – 144 Yards

P Wedge – 136 Yards

52 Degree – 125 Yards

56 Degree – 118 Yards

60 Degree 105 Yards 

Additional sporting info

Awards, press

2017 Member of Woodlands Jr Pennant Team (6-0-1) League Winners

2018 Norman Broomhall Shield winner at Woodlands Golf Club

Personal Best

Current Order of Merit Ranking for Victoria Boys: 29th out of 307

Trackman combine score: 73.2 done on 12/17/2020

Tournament Scoring Average: 75.85

What makes you different?

I have had a passion for golf since a very young age. I have lived in three different countries/continents which has given me the opportunity to experience playing in different tournaments on vastly different courses through a variety of weather conditions. I believe these varied experiences have allowed me to grow my game to the point where I can play under almost any conditions and feel comfortable with my game. I find that this has also helped me to adjust my game on the fly depending on the conditions under which I am playing.

Over the years I have worked hard to improve my swing and develop my game under the tutelage of a few coaches that have had their own variety of experiences in the world of golf. This has opened my eyes to different techniques that allow me to continue to improve my golf. Talking to them about their individual journeys on various tours (PGA, European and Asian) has made me realize, even more so, that I want nothing more than to be a professional golfer.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The best way to improve and then measure myself will be against my peers in the strongest environment, and this is College golf. It is the next step in my dream of turning pro. I believe that with the right coaches and the right team by my side we can help each other grow and improve both as golfers, and as good humans too. I have spoken to a number of people that have made it on tour and those that did not. When asked for their opinion, the advice that they gave me was that college golf helped grow their game to a point they didn’t know they could reach.

I really want to be a part of something in which I can create new friendships and grow my game to a whole new level.

College Goals?

Whilst at college I am seeking to improve on myself in a number of ways – as a golf player, as a student, and as a person in general. I intend to find a balance at College between being a student and an athlete, as they are equally important and compliment each other. Playing golf as a career has been my lifelong goal, but achieving a degree will not only serve me in a potential career outside of golf, it will help me learn more about responsibility, time management, commitment, etc. My own life experiences have taught me that life doesn’t always turn out as we plan, hope or dream, so being prepared for many possibilities will set me up for life.

Anything else we should know?

Melbourne has had the World’s longest Covid lockdowns with community sport being closed for more than 200 days over 18 months. Additionally, I broke my elbow and missed 3 months of lockdown free time towards end of 2020.



Parkdale Secondary College

Graduation year: 2022