Eve Christina Dutton

May 11, 2004


About Athlete

Growing up in a highly diverse and cultural city I learnt how to adapt to my surroundings, increase my social skills and language sensitivity adequately for the environment around me. Highly motivated team player with strong oral communication and leadership skills emphasized by efforts as house sports captain for 5 years, providing further evidence for my dedication towards my athletic and academic achievements.


IGCSE PE - 8 (A*)

IGCSE Psychology - 7 (A)

IGCSE Biology 7 (A)

IGCSE English literature 7 (A)

IGCSE English language 7 (A)

IGCSE Math 6 (B)

IGCSE Business 5 (B-)

IGCSE Spanish 5 (B-)

IGCES Chemistry 5 (B-)


Dubai English Speaking College Dubai 7s 1st team
Dubai 7s Elite Performance Program
Warriors U19 Rugby 1st Team
ISD athletics (track and field)
Current School teams - Rugby & football
Previous teams - Dubai Hurricanes
Repton School Dubai Saturday morning league
Repton School Dubai Elite Performance Team
Previous School Teams - Netball & Swimming & Track and Field


2021 Season

Club: (7s tournaments)

10/08/2021 - round 1 of club games.

(Game 1) warriors v. exiles – 9:50am – tries Eve scored 1

(Game 2) warriors v. Al Maha – 10:30am - Points Eve scored – 3

(Game 3) warriors v. tigers – 11:10am - Points Eve scored – 2

10/22/21 - round 2 of club games.

(Game 1) warriors v. hurricanes – 9:30am – points eve scored – 1

(Game 2) warriors v. exiles – 10:10 -

(Game 3) Warriors v. tigers - 11:10 – tries eve scored – 3

Date: 2dec2021: Emirates Dubai 7s 

Game 1 - 15:00 - Bsak 19 - DESC 0 

Game 2 - 17:00 - DESC A 52 - al maha 0

Game 3 - 19:00 - DESC A 41 - 5 Hurricanes B 

Games 4 - 20:40 - DESC A 20 - 7 AD French

Emirates Dubai 7s day 2

Quarter final - Tigers 5 - DESC A 30 

Semi final - Exiles 19 - DESC A 12

Awards, press

  • Overall MVP X3 (end of season awards)
  • Sports personality (over all sports and age categories)
  • Sports personality X4 (3x season and 1x Sports tour)
  • Half and Full Sports colors
Additional sporting info

ISD athletics (track and field)
Current School teams - Rugby & football
Previous teams - Dubai Hurricanes
Repton School Dubai Saturday morning league
Repton School Dubai Elite Performance Team
Previous School Teams - Netball & Swimming & Track and Field

Personal Best

Biggest strengths: analyzing the game with quick decision taking to find the quickest line to run and run through the defensive line and score.

Tries scored in the season so far: 23
7s experience – dubai rugby 7s and club games are all 7s
100m dash time: 12.76
Average km per game – 1.46km

What makes you different?

As a driven and motivational leader, I was given the opportunity and responsibility to run teams, inspiring the next generation of athletes. Aiming to transform youth sport in our community to become high achieving and elite teams. I learned how to cope with headstrong individuals and maximize my patience and tolerance. I did this every consecutive season as I thoroughly enjoyed assisting the young girls in aiming and achieving high. As a result, many of the girls I coached grew in confidence on and off the pitch.

Strong-willed, courageous, and dedicated - Growing up, I have been a part of many diverse types of teams from sports to academics, enhancing my ability to participate as part of a group and a team. Since a child, I have been keen to be a part of a team, enjoying others' company and learning from those around me, demonstrating my ability to work with others. Taking part in several different sports teams, including the U19 football team at the age of 14 and a high league women's Netball team since the age of 14; both being high elite performing teams, competing in many different leagues and competitions each year, developed my self-confidence and ability to cope both physically and mentally with stressful situations emphasizing my ability to manage under high pressure as from an early age I had people watching me. Competing among older people further developed my resilience and determined attitude, driving me to achieve the sports personality award in just year 9, going up against the whole school. My leisure interests are a substantial part of my life and enable me to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

My work ethic, enthusiasm and passion will fuel my determination and make me the ideal candidate at university.

Why do you want to compete in college?

To push myself to compete and achieve at a high level at something I thoroughly enjoy and to take additional pride in and feel connected to the higher education I will endeavour.

College Goals?

An obvious goal I strive to achieve in college is a degree. My overall goal is no different from any other student, however, my personal goals on and off the pitch I hope to achieve while attending the College are what make me an ideal and dedicated candidate. Some of these goals are to acquire new skills and enhance my current academic and gameplay abilities, to apply what I learn in the classroom to forward my career, and to feel personal satisfaction of finishing something I started. Additionally, I strive to be the best team player I can be and to be the starting 7 or 15.

Anything else we should know?

Sports Captain for 5 consecutive years


Graduation year: 2022
Dubai English Speaking College