Felipe Castro Engel

Track & Field
June 12, 2001


About Athlete

My objective is to combine my academic studies and my passion and love for sports and bring it to the next level. Working hard in both aspects, and sharing my enthusiasm and positivity with the rest of the team.




Sports Club Universidad Catolica Of Chile

Shot put results and Tournaments

TC AARM U. de Chile: 2nd place 11.68mts 7.25 kg - March 14th 2020
TC AARM Carlos Strutz: 9th place 11.91mts 7.25 kg - October 12 2019
TC Carabineros: 4th place 11.39mts 7.25kg - May 25th 2019
TC Oassi/Estudiantes: 4th place 13.47mts 6.0kg - March 23 2019
MJ: 7TH place 13.44mts 6.0kg - April 27 2019
Meeting UC saltos y lanzamientos: 13.00mts 6.0kgs - November 23rd 2019
Escolar caf mixto final: 5th place 12.77mts 6.0kgs - September 28th 2019


Discus results and Tournaments

  • Meeting UC apertura: 38.04 mts 1.75kg - March 7th 2020
  • TC AARM U.De Chile: 3RD place 33.71 2.0kg - March 14th 2020
  • Escolar caf mixto final: 8th place 32.75 1.75kgs - September 29th 2019


Additional sporting info

Best lifts:
Back Squat (1 rep Max) : 170 kgs /375 Pounds
Bench Press(1 Rep Max): 140 kgs /308 Pounds
Power Clean(1 Rep Max): 125 kgs /275 Pounds
Power Snatch(1 Rep Max): 95 kgs /209 Pounds

Personal Best

Life Goal
Be able to teach and improve the sport level in Chile, because there is a lack of good coaches ,and a little to no interest on almost any sport other than soccer by the people and the government.

Additional sporting info
I started practicing Track and field seriously in the end of my junior year (11th grade)

What makes you different?

My driving passion for the sport, the effort and perseverance I put into every single training block, and my enthusiasm to learn more everyday about throwing and all the related aspects to get better.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because of the great athletic level of the coaches and universities, that will get me to become a better and more experienced athlete, and coach when I graduate.

College Goals?

Get to represent my country in international competitions, and learn about the theoretical and practical part of teaching young athletes.

Anything else we should know?

I want to be a throws and strength coach when finishing college.