Felix Oiseth

January 2, 2003


About Athlete

Talent only takes you so far, the rest is hard work. I will keep on grinding to reach my goals, and make sure to have fun while doing so!


Junior High school GPA: 3,5

English oral A, English written A-, Spanish A, Athletics A+, Nutrition A, Social studies, A, Environment A, Norwegian oral A, Norwegian written B, Religion A, Math B, Science B+.

Attending high school this fall.


Average score

  • 2019-2020: 76 strokes
  • 2018-2019: 78.9 strokes

Lowest tournament

  • 2019: 73 strokes
  • 2020: 70

Lowest training score

  • 66 strokes

Current Hcp: + 0.4



Narvesen Tour Kjekstad GK, U15, 1st place (77)

Narvesen Tour Haga GK, U 15, (77)

Narvesen Tour Grini GK U15, (72)

Narvesen Tour Holtsmark U15 place (75)

Narvesen Tour Onsøy GK U15 (80)

Narvesen Tour Bærum GK U15 (76)

Narvesen Tour Huseby GK U15 (75)

Narvesen Tour Oppegård GK U15 (79)

Only net placement at U15 Narvesen Tour

Top 10 in all Tournaments

Represented Ballerud GK in the Norwegiean National

Championship U19 at Kragerø GK - Team event


Attending U19 class. Much longer courses (back tee)

Srixon Winter open, Spain Mens class: 34th place (82,79,80,79)

Srixon Tour Sola GK, U19 47th place (81,79)

Srixon Tour Asker GK, U 19, 39th place (80,79,78)

Narvesen Tour larvik GK, U19, 3rd place (73)

Narvesen Tour Borre GK, U19 2nd place (76)

Narvesen Tour Bærum GK, U19 5th place (75)

Narvesen Tour Haga GK, U19 6th place (77)

Narvesen Tour Holtsmark, U 19 7th place (78)

Narvesen Tour Wahlstrøms pokal, U19 7th place (73)

Narvesen Tour Haga GK, U19 9th place (75)

Top nine all Narvesen tours. Improved Srixon results.


My goal for the season was to establish myself at the Srixon tour, and qualify for international tournaments. I played some international tournaments during winter, but due to the Corona virus, all traveling abroad was cancelled for the rest of the season.

Some highlights:

  • I qualified for all Srixon tournaments during the season
  • Played 3 national championships. 2 team events (Jr and Men), and the individual Jr National championship.
  • Currently Oom ranked nr 37 Jr in Norway (Oom Rank 10th of the Juniors born 2003)
  • Finished 9th of 65 players at Innisbrook open in Florida (78,76,74)
  • Finished 7th of 38 players at Walstrøms Trophy at Oslo GK (73,)
  • Finished 4th of 32 players at Srixon Corona twist tour (72,78,76,70,)
  • 3rd place in the National championship team event Jr. (div 2.) (69,72,70,)
  • I have improved my average with 3 strokes pr round and added some distance and stability in all aspects of the game. 

Overall, I am partly satisfied with the 2020 season, However, I want to continue to improve. My plan going forward, is to do the job during winter season, so I can take new steps in 2021. In my view, I have just started!

Club Yardage (Carry)

Driver: 260 yards

3wood: 235 yards

4hybrid: 208 yards

3Iron: 210 yards

5 Iron: 195 yards

6 Iron: 185 yards

7 Iron: 175 Yards

8 Iron: 165 Yards

9 Iron: 153 Yards

PW: 145 Yards

GW: 130 Yards

SW: 120 Yards

LW: 110 Yards

Additional sporting info

I have been very active in different sports growing up. All the way up trough 2018 season, I played soccer in first division U16 in Norway. It took a lot of effort, training 3-4 days a week plus matches. I was captain of the team last 3 years, until I quit after the 2018 season to be able to focus 100% on my golf. In addition to soccer, I have played bandy for many years. I love skiing, both downhill and Cross country. Waterskiing and MTB cycling during summer.

What makes you different?

In terms of me as an athlete, I would say that I have a different background compared to many of my friends I am competing against today. Most of my competitors started playing golf when they were 3-4 years, so I had some catching up to do.

I attended my first golf tournament at the age of 13 and loved it. Even though I have seen rapid improvement in my game, I know I have a long way to go to be the best. That’s why I put in more effort than most and must be very focused and concentrated during practice. Every stroke counts.

I guess what makes me different, is the fact that I have been an athlete more than a golfer growing up. I have a high all body strength, I am used to be a part of a team, and I am familiar with taking a leading role. Being a team player, I still love the fact that in golf, it is no one else to blame. It is just to keep on grinding, be patient and the improvement will come.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My main goal is to become the best golfer I can be, and to live off the sport some time in the future. To be able to do that, I think college is the best alternative for me.

I have seen what Norwegian golfers at Wang top athlete school have achieved (Hovland, Ventura++) after getting into a college team, and that motivates me. If they can make it, why not me?

In terms of academics: sport involves a lot of uncertainty, but a college degree is yours forever!

College Goals?

Sporting wise: Being a part of a college team would be a dream come true for me. The school facilitates in all aspects, giving me the possibility to do what I love most! My goal would be to improve my game further, and to get a lot of playing time with my teammates, representing my school the best way that I can.

Academic wise: I am fully aware that the best security I can give myself and my family is a good education. If golf doesn’t take me all the way, I know that with my top athlete mindset and a good degree from a high standard university, I have all the possibilities in the world. With that in mind, the academics will not be taken light upon.

Anything else we should know?

Between school, golf and family, it is not much time left. I earn my pocket money training kids at my local golf club, and as a football referee in junior soccer league.