Filipe Reis Krohn Da Silva

November 8, 2003


About Athlete

I’ve been playing tennis since I was four years old. It has been my passion since then. My role models are two fabulous athletes that have been my inspiration since I remember: Cristiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer. They are the perfect example of perseverance, hard work and a lot of sacrifice which have resulted in great achievements, and that’s what I want to be, an amazing athlete and human being.

SAT Total Score
Score: 1040


Singles: 11

Doubles: 11

ITF Junior: best 1399

Tennis Europe Boys: best 275

National Ranking

U12: best #6

U14: best #2

U16: best #3



Regional champion in singles u10

National champion in doubles u10

3rd place in National masters u10 in singles


Semi-finalist of Azores Open TE in singles u12


Regional champion in singles u12


Semi-finalist TE Benidorm in singles u14

Semi-finalist TE Benidorm in doubles u14

Regional champion in doubles u14


Regional champion in singles u14

Regional finalist in doubles u14

Regional team champion u14


1/4 Final singles TE Bulgaria u16

Semi-finalist doubles TE Bulgaria u16

Semi-finalist TE Porto u16 in singles

Semi-finalist TE Beloura u16 in singles

Winner TE Sistelmar Oporto Junior Open u16 in singles

Regional Semi-finalist in singles u16

Regional champion in doubles u16

Regional Finalist u18 in singles

Winner Porto Open in singles u18

Winner Porto Open in doubles u18

1/4 Final in singles National championship

Additional sporting info

Practice 9/10 times a week (including fitness)
Never had a serious injury in my entire career.

What makes you different?

I’ve always found it easy to play different sports, specially tennis. From a very young age I’ve always easily adapted my mindset to overcome new challenges and rely on my natural abilities.
I hate to lose and I am determined to always do my best and never give up.

Every year, I train harder and harder to achieve my goals, and since I’ve started home schooling, I’ve noticed high progression and I am much more motivated to play better and better. My competition level has increased a lot and last year (2019) was definitely my best year in terms of results and achievements.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I’ve always thought about going to U.S.A. The competition level is much higher and I want to find new experiences, new goals and better opportunities. I also think this opportunity is going to improve my academic and athletic skills.

College Goals?

I want to achieve high competitive levels and be able to develop my tennis game.

In parallel, I would love to get a college degree in sports and I would like to become a professional tennis player.

Anything else we should know?

I started playing tennis at the age of 4, and since then my love for the sport was immediate. The passion that I have for tennis made me work hard to improve my mental, tactical and technical skills.
I have been a privileged person, and the reason for that is because I have been able to travel to other countries, and I know that there are a lot of people in this world that would love to do it as well, but unfortunately can’t.

Apart from tennis, I also like to play soccer, which I played when I was younger, as a right winger, for a few years.