Frederik Strand

July 8, 2002

About Athlete

My goal is to get my education while trying to become a professional golfer. I hope to become a part of a team where I can make a difference.    
SAT Total Score

Mølleåens junior cup, scores: 76, 76, 75, position 25 DGU elite tour 3 boys, scores: 73, 74, 76, position 32 Sydsjællands open u22, scores: 79, 81, Position 34 Golfexperten open u22, scores: 77, 78, position 32 Feria de la cala, scores: 68, position 1 DGU elitetour 3 mens KGC masters, scores 76, 85, position mc Klubmesterskab Hjortespring 2020, scores, 77, 75, position            7 Tigers Tour junior A: order of mereits position 9 Måge/rosenpokalen 2019, Scores: 81, 76, position mc

Additional sporting info

I have played golf almost since I was born. When I was 1,5 years old I had a club in my hands for the first and I have loved it ever since.

Personal Best

All distances are carry
Driver: 270 yards
3 wood: 240 yards
2 iron: 218 yards
4 iron: 202 yards
5 iron: 191 yards
6 iron: 180 yards
7 iron: 169 yards
8 iron: 158 yards
9 iron: 147 yards
P : 136 yards
52 : 120 yards
56 : 103 yards
60 : 90 yards

What makes you different?

Even when the weather Is bad, I’m always happy to practice and get better. I’m a happy person, a good team player and love to meet new people. I’m from a country where good weather barely exist so we learn to play in bad weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, windy raining or the sun is shining I still love to practice.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always dreamt of being a professional, but I still want to get an education while chasing my dream. In Denmark it’s not possible to combine academics and sport, so that’s why I want to go to the states to compete in college golf

College Goals?

My goal is to get an education while chasing my dream of becoming a professional golfer. I have always dreamt of playing on the PGA-tour and I think the best path to achieve that dream is to travel to the states and play college golf