Gabriel Carvalho

February 19, 2006


About Athlete

I am a very motivated and focused individual both in sports and in my academic life. I strive to be the best I can be every single time I am out on the pitch and I have high expectations for myself in school. I love to play soccer (as well as other sports) and thrive in being in a team environment where I can support and motivate others as well as learn from them too. Every sacrifice I make I consider it to be a stepping stone to achieve my future academic and soccer professional goals.

In addition, I am a person who loves to hang out with his family, friends (usually playing sports!), play chess and laugh at a good joke.



Honour Roll Student: Grades 9, 10, 11.

St. Mother Teresa High School. Ottawa, Ontario.


Grade 12 Advanced Functions: 84%

Grade 11 Math Functions & Relations: 94%
Grade 11 Intro to Financial Accounting: 95%
Grade 11 Designing Your Future: 92%
Grade 11 Health for Life: 92%
Grade 11 English Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Metis and Inuit Voices: 84%
Grade 11 Physics: 93%
Grade 11 World Religions: 90%

Grade 10 Principles of Mathematics: 96%
Grade 10 English: 78%
Grade 10 Science: 87%
Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship: 87%
Grade 10 Career Studies: 88%
Grade 10 Enseignement religieux: 89%
Grade 10 Visual Arts-Photography: 83%
Grade 10 French Immersion: 81%
Grade 10 Histoire du Canada dupuis la Premiere Guerre: 82%

Grade 9 Principles of Mathematics: 100%
Grade 9 English: 86%
Grade 9 Science: 93%
Grade 9 French Immersion: 90%
Grade 9 Principes de Geographie du Canada: 92%
Grade 9 Healthy Active Living Education: 92%
Grade 9 Enseignement religieux: 85%
Grade 9 Introduction to Business: 89%

SAT Total Score

Atletico Ottawa, Canadian Premier League, Development Player // 2022

> I was identified through the U23 - Atlético de Madrid Development Program and signed to a Development Contract in the Fall of 2022 at the age of 16. I have continued to train with the First Team throughout 2023.


League 1 Ontario U19 Reserve, North Mississauga Soccer Club, Canada // 2022 - Present

> Starting Left Back and MF. I travel weekly back and forth between Ottawa, ON and Toronto, ON (5 hour trip) to train and play in League 1 with my NMSC team.


Ontario Soccer Provincial Xcel Teams, Canada // 2023 and 2022

Successfully completed Provincial Trials and selected for Provincial Xcel teams (comprising the top 22 players in Ontario) in back-to-back years.

> U17 Provincial Xcel Team: Starting Left Back
> U16 Provincial Xcel Team: Starting Left Back


Toronto FC Academy, Canada, 2022

> U16 MLS Next Showcase Invited Guest Player, Dallas, TX, USA
> 65%+ playing time in all 3 games. Key defender; Scored 1 goal.


West Ottawa Soccer Club, 2021-2022

> U17 OPDL Team. Starting Left Back.


Ottawa South United, OPDL, 2018-2020

> U17 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Call Up Player. 2020-2021
> U15 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Starting Left Back. 2020-2021
> U14 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Starting Left Back. 2019-2020
> U13 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Starting Left Back/Centre Back. 2018-2019

Ottawa South United Force Academy. 2011-2017
U6 to U12. Player.


2023:  Finalists, League 1 Ontario U19
2023:  Champions, League 1 Ontario U19 West Division Champions
2023:  Champions, Woodbridge Champions League Showcase (Tier 1), Canada - U19
2023:  Champions, The Phoenix Cup (Tier 1), USA - U17
2023:  Gold Medallist, Futsal, ONTARIO WINTER GAMES, Canada - U18
2022:  Finalists, FTF Fall Showcase, Canada - U17
2019:  League Champions, OPDL - U13
2018:  Champions, Laval National (Tier 1) Quebec - U12
2017:  Finalists, Laval National (Tier 1) Quebec - U11

Additional sporting info

> Ranked #18 out of top 100 players.

FTF TOP 60, 2023
> Champions, Team Puma

> Defense MVP

Captain of High School Soccer Varsity Team. 2020, 2021, 2022.

I have played on a variety of high school sports teams as well as intramural activities for enjoyment.

Personal Best


What makes you different?

In addition to my own self-driven motivation and focus, I can say I am different because of the experiences I have had to date in professional soccer environments. I have played and traveled with the Toronto FC Academy as a guest player to an international tournament. At the age of 16, I was identified by the U23 - Atlético de Madrid Development Program and I earned the opportunity to train every day with the First Team over 2022 which led to earning a development contract with CPL Atletico Ottawa. My experience in being a part of professional environments has taught me about the expectations, level of hard work and commitment that are required to succeed at the professional level.

Second, I know that I am a very coachable player. I listen attentively to what both coaches and teammates say. I do not take constructive criticism lightly. I receive the feedback and incorporate it into my training and playing.

And lastly, I have sacrificed a lot in order to play soccer. There are many family and friend events that I have missed in order to fulfill my dreams. I currently play for League 1 Ontario North Mississauga SC which means that I must travel back and forth from my hometown of Ottawa to Toronto (4-5 hour train rides) in order to train and play with my team. This has enabled me to become even more independent and more flexible as an individual outside of the soccer pitch as well.

Why do you want to compete in college?

First, I would like to compete in soccer at a college level because it will allow me to earn my degree while at the same time being able to play a high level of competitive soccer. Secondly, I love being in a team environment and connecting with my teammates. I look forward to making lifelong friends and creating memories that will last me a lifetime. And lastly, because of the high level of college competition I know it is a good stepping stone for a future opportunity to play at the professional level.

College Goals?

In terms of goals for my college soccer career, I have several:

1/ Win a National Championship (and always be in contention for the National

2/ Compete against myself always (Me vs Me): I want to play as much as possible and always be in contention for a starting spot as I am very competitive.

3/ Be a great team mate: Feeling that you belong as part of the team is so important. I know that I can join a new team and be a great team mate in encouraging others to strive for their best and in supporting them when they need it most.

4/ Academics: I want to achieve the highest GPA on the soccer team. My academics are very important to me.

5/ Future professional player: During my college years, I will work as hard as possible and absorb all that is taught so I can continue to play at a high level so that I may eventually earn a draft pick into the MLS or earn a professional contract.

Additional Videos




2020 - PRESENT




Player of the Year, U17

Awarded for the 2022 season. Player of the Year for the U17 OPDL Team.

Mateo Acevedo Memorial Award

This award was founded by Mateo's Legacy and Ottawa South United as a way of honouring a former OSU youth player. This award is given to the U12 that plays with passion and is a giving and supportive teammate.

Athlete of the Year (Grade 9)

Designation of overall best athlete (male) Grade 9. St. Mother Teresa High School.

Soccer MVP (Grade 11)

Awarded to best high school soccer player for Grade 11. St. Mother Teresa High School.

Soccer MVP (Grade 10)

Awarded to best high school soccer player for Grade 10. St. Mother Teresa High School.

Soccer MVP (Grade 9)

Awarded to best high school soccer player for Grade 9. St. Mother Teresa High School.

Soccer MVP (Grade 8)

Awarded to best high school soccer player for Grade 8. St. Mother Teresa Intermediate School.

Mathematics Award: Grade 9

Awarded to the Grade 9 student with highest grade in Mathematics.