Gabriel Mata

September 26, 2023


About Athlete


High School Grades: Calculus 87, Ap English literature 96,world history 100,Ap spanish literature 100,Digital media 100, Graduation By design 93, and Personal fitness 96

TOEFL Total Score

The school team where I participate the most is very recognize by the athletes they have, since we are a small community and always perform at our highest level. The last three season we have being in top 3. Three years ago we won by being invictus then we got second place and last season we got third place.

What makes you different?

What I know that makes me different from others is the way I see the game. The way I am competitive, I know that the only duel that I need to win everyday is against myself, this might sound as a cliche, but if I know that I improve and I am better than my yesterday, a bonus is that I will always have to be better than at least one player that I am playing with or against. Also, since I am small I know what I need to do to be unstoppable on the court, I know how to do the hard work and I don’t have any problem spending more time by my own improving my grades or my game.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play in college schools because I know that I am ready to prove everybody that doubts me, or the one that say that I don’t deserve an opportunity, or that is impossible for me to play basketball because of my height that they are wrong. I already proved myself that I can play, know I want to show everybody that height isn’t a problem for me.

College Goals?

My college goals are: graduate with good grades, eat healthy, become more responsible, be one of the best student in college, play basketball in college