Gabriel Simões Carnegie

April 13, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Gabriel Simões Carnegie. I am a half Brazilian, half South African, soccer player and student who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. I have enjoyed playing sports my whole life, like: soccer, basketball, skating, surfing, cricket, volleyball, and tennis to name a few. But on top of my passion for sport and physical activity, I am also very interested in learning and acquiring knowledge about the world around me and those that inhabit it. My life long passion is soccer. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the sport, and therefore it’s no surprise that I began playing club soccer at the age of 5. My dream is to one day play professionally at the highest level.



SAT Total Score
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Wynberg Saint Johns (2009-2014)

Milano United (2015-2022)


Basil Palanyandi Inter LFA U12 Championship Runners up 2016

Strandfontein Tournament Champions 2017

Salt River Blackpool Tournament Champions 2016

Kaapstadt Tournament Champions 2016

Kaapstadt tournament Champions 2017

South Peninsula LFA Knockout Winners 2015

MPLFA Treble Winners 2016

MPLFA Treble Winners 2017

MPLFA League Winners 2018

MPLFA 1st and 2nd Round League Winners 2022

MPLFA Knockout Winners 2022

MPLFA Champ of Champs 2022

Stanturf Tournament of Dreams Champions 2022

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Additional sporting info

I enjoy endurance running and ran my own marathon this year (2022) as part of a school project.

Personal Best

MPLFA League 2022

Goals: 10
Assists: 4

Regional Men's League (SAFA 3rd Division)

Appearances: 20
Starts: 18
Full 90's: 8

What makes you different?

I am inspired and passionate about what I do, and this is why I am consistently able to push myself to do what needs to be done, even if it means sacrificing temporary pleasures or comforts in the name of achieving something greater. I find purpose and satisfaction in overcoming challenges and adversity, and in uplifting and helping those around me. I always have the desire to win, and firmly believe in leading by example. I believe in myself while being honest and rational. I believe in my character aswell as my ability, and I have faith that the path I'm on will lead to a life of significance and great accomplishment.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to be in a professional environment where I will have the opportunity to work hard and develop in all aspects of my game, while advancing my education and growing as a person. I believe that competing in college will give me the platform to showcase my ability and take me one step closer to achieving my life-long dream of being a professional soccer player.

College Goals?

I want leave college and move into my career as a professional soccer player, equipped with a good education.

Anything else we should know?


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