Gane Harbutt

February 24, 2006


About Athlete

Hi, my name is Gane Harbutt, I am a rower from St Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton New Zealand while being from rural Australia. I am in my final year of school with the goal of making it to college in America. My goals competing in one of the highest levels of rowing around the world while also gaining the opportunity to gain world-class levels of education.


3.00 (unoffical)


2023 North Island u18 team boys eight
2023 North Island u18 team boys four
St Pauls Collegiate 2023 u17 boy's Pair
St Pauls Collegiate 2023 u17 boy's Four
St Pauls Collegiate 2023 u17 boy's Quad
St Pauls Collegiate 2022 u18 boy's Double (filled in for North Island Secondary Schools champs as an u16 and won gold with only 3 pieces of training)
St Pauls Collegiate 2022 u16 boy's quad
St Pauls Collegiate 2022 u16 boy's single
St Pauls Collegiate 2021 u16 boy's Four
St Pauls Collegiate 2020 u15 boy's eight
St Pauls Collegiate 2020 novice boy's Four


1st- 2023 North Island vs South Island u18 boys eight (Regatta record 5:50.3)

1st- 2023 North Island vs South Island u18 boys Four

1st- New Zealand Secondary schools Championship(Maadi cup) u17 boys pair 2023 (course record 6:53.3)

1st- North Island secondary schools championships u17 boys pair 2023

2nd- North Island secondary schools championships u17 quad 2023

2nd- North Island Club Championships men's club pair 2023

2nd- North Island secondary schools championships u17 quad 2022

1st- North Island secondary schools championships u18 boys double 2022

2nd- North Island secondary schools championships u16 boys quad 2022

3rd-North Island secondary schools championships u15 boys eight 2020

3rd-North Island secondary schools championships novice boys eight 2020

3rd- North Island Club Championships boys u15 eight 2020

Additional sporting info

I have completed 4 seasons of rowing, having rowed in all boat classes from the single to the eight. I have spend spent a large portion of my 4 seasons racing small boats, mostly the pair and doubles with also a large amount of time spend in fours and quads.
I was also selected and attended the 2023 u19 New Zealand Development camp that was held at Lake Karapiro. Where I was able to gain numerous skills while also meeting a large amount of my competitors.
I am always looking to improve and grow my rowing ability. Following this I am also looking to expand my skills to also be able to comfortably be able to row stroke side, I will be learning this in the coming New Zealand summer club season.
Another opportunity I am looking to engage with in the coming rowing season is to be able to give back to my club and school where I am looking to begin coaching juniors and novices before I head off to University.

I also currently play rugby and also spend a large part of my younger years swimming in regional competitions in Australia. Along with this, I have done large amounts of work running as well having completed 2 half marathons. In the off-season of rowing, I spend a large portion of my afternoons in the gym working with our school's strength and conditioning coach enhancing my off-water training.

Personal Best

2km ERG score- 6:14.3 at 31spm
I know I have a large room for improvement as when I pulled this I was told to save for seat racing for North Island u18 + that was being held that afternoon which is also the reason for the low rating.

What makes you different?

My Independence: I have been in boarding schools now for seven years with 5 of those years being overseas here in New Zealand. I have a strong level of Independence and adaptability to new environments. from the age of 13, I had almost 3 years where I was not able to return home due to New Zealand Covid-19 restrictions, this is the time when I both found my love for rowing and my independence. As I spent many days travelling and staying with people I had never met before that I had the slightest connection to through my parents, my skills to manage myself and connect to people I do not know grew. I am very used to living and working with people. having lived with 80 people for almost half my life now, I know and understand how people work and also have gained high emotional intelligence.

I am Coachable: I have been fortunate with the coaches I have had the opportunity to be coached by. For example, Bruce Jones, my coach for my first three seasons of rowing who, has coached at both NZ u19 and u23 levels, having coached teams to medals and wins at world champs and also Martin Simoncelli, who is the current NZ u19 men's sculling coach who has overseen and been my head coach for the past two years. This has made me understand the skill and knowledge that coaches can bring. I am very keen to learn, so I am willing to listen to any little comment that has been told to me, and I work hard to make the changes that need to occur to better my rowing.

My small boat skills: The countless sessions I have spent in small boats made me highly aware of what can move a boat and the effects I have on boat run and how a boat moves. I have raced in every type of boat in various age and skill categories. This has also brought me a huge amount of experience in racing and high-pressure environments.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe competing in rowing at the college level is an opportunity. As an opportunity to develop my rowing at one of the highest levels around the world. It is also an opportunity to learn and grow in world-class universities. Along with this, it is also an opportunity to relieve financial pressure off myself and my parents

College Goals?

- I want to complete a bachelor's or master's degree in whatever field I pursue (mostly likely health science or economics)

- To compete in the v1 8+ for a season during my college course

- Gain new experiences and understanding of different people and places. building everlasting bonds

Anything else we should know?

I have not completed the education section just yet due to the difference between the New Zealand to American systems so I have not completed a SAT or a ACT test. Based off of lasts year's results I gained NCEA level 2 with merit endorsement narrowly missing excellence.
I am also deputy head of my boarding house and a full school prefect as head of our environment portfolio.




Seath Cup- St Pauls Collegiate Best All-Round Rower

Awarded to St Paul's Collegiates best all-around rower over the season who has shown skills on and off the water, while also gaining reflective results

Presidents Cup- St Pauls Collegiate oustanding leadership from a male rower

Rewarded to a male rower within St Paul's Collegiate who has shown excellent leadership and service to the club on and off the water.

St Pauls Collegiate Crew of the season

Awarded to St Paul's Collegiate Best performing crew. This was an award to my pair partner and me for our performance at the Maadi Cup and other regattas.

St Pauls Collegiate Best male ERG score

Rewarded to the St Pauls Collegiate male rower who has the fastest 2km Erg score

St Pauls Collegiate most improved rower

Awarded to the St Pauls Collegiate rower who has shown the greatest improvement in skill level and understanding in rowing while also having strong physical growth.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award

Bronze is the first level of the Award, and you can start it in the year that you turn 14. Bronze takes a minimum of 6 months to complete. There are three specific sections — Voluntary Service, Skills and Physical Recreation — that you'll choose your activities from, plus an Adventurous Journey to complete.