Georgia Saunders

October 10, 2003

About Athlete

My objective is to work hard at my academics and sport at the college I get the opportunity to represent. I would showcase how hard working and determined I am by ensuring the best marks possible and motivating my future team to participate at the best of their ability which will hopefully result in multiple victories.


High School Grades
Grade 10 – Year marks
Maths lit 78%, English 65%, Afrikaans 49%, Life Orientation 76%, Business Studies 49%, Geography 63%, Visual Arts 58%

Grade 11 – Trimester 1
Maths Lit 80%, English 83%, Afrikaans 57%, Life Orientation 70%, Life sciences 49%, Geography 68%, Visual Arts 64%

Grade 11 – Trimester 2
Maths Lit 69%, English 65%, Afrikaans 42%, Life Orientation 65%, Business studies 71%, Geography 70%, Visual Arts 65%

Grade 11 – Trimester 3
Still to be completed

Grade 12
Will commence in 2021



  • Forward (left, middle, right)
  • Midfield (CAM,RM,LM)
  • Wing (right)


  • U14 A 
  • U15 A 
  • High school first team 
  • Durban North A team 
  • Umlazi Regional A team 
  • KZN A team 
  • High school sports festival A team 
  • Barcelona Football Academy A side 


Grade 8

  • U14 A team 
  • Durban North local A team 
  • Awarded top goal scorer 
  • 5 a side Crawford north coast Champions 
  • Kloof high school tournament champions 
  • Vice-Captain 

Grade 9

  • U15 A team 
  • High school first team
  • KZN provincial A team 
  • KZN provincial tournament 6th place 
  • Awarded top goal scorer and most promising junior player of the year 
  • Kloof high school tournament champions 
  • Kloof high school 5 a side tournament champions
  • Pine Town girls tournament 8th place 
  • Awarded junior full colours 

Grade 10

  • High school first team 
  • Umlazi regional A team 
  • Barcelona Football academy A side 
  • Awarded senior scroll and senior half colours  

Grade 11

  • Barcelona Football academy A side 
  • High school sports festival A team


  • Top goal scorer x2
  • Most promising Junior player of the year
  • Junior full colours 
  • Senior half colours 
  • Kloof tournament trophy x3
  • Crawford North Coast trophy 


  • North Glen News (KZN representatives)
  • North Glen News (tournament winners x4) 
What makes you different?

My whole life sports have been the only activity that made me feel truly free, because of this the love and passion that I have for it makes me extremely motivated and hungry to achieve the best results. Whichever college I get to represent I will ensure that I do everything to the best of my ability whether it be on or off the field. Most people would only show coaches that they mean business on the field, but I would should them results while playing my sport, results from the classroom and results from any other activities I choose to take part in. Getting the chance to play in the USA is a dream because it opens more doors and opportunities than my home country would for these very reasons, I would not disappoint which is why I am different from most people.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I would love to compete in college sports because the high standard played across the country would push me beyond my limits and ultimately make me improve as a player. Other than the high standards the opportunities that come with playing college sports are life changing and the lifelong bonds you make with teammates are truly special.

College Goals?

I would love to study Business Entrepreneurship and Art studio so my goals with those two subject choices would be to graduate at the top of my class and get the highest qualifications possible. My goals with my sport are to compete professionally alongside some of my idols and grow as a player by learning constantly from teammates and coaches. I would also love to work at sporting summer camps to help children with achieving their dreams.

Anything else we should know?

I love to surf, dive with sharks, participate in anything to do with speed, play video games and just live life to the fullest.



Crawford College La Lucia

Graduation year: 2021