Geraldyne Alejandra Fernandez Lopez

August 24, 2005


About Athlete

My objective for college is to acquire a higher education to pursue a career as an athletic trainer, while also becoming part of a team that I will give all my effort to leave an impact on. I will also use both my academic and athletic skills to better myself as a person and learn life long skills in the process, while overcoming any obstacles.



ACT Score

Jordan High School
Club V 18´s Ren kai MP
Club UV 15´s and 16´s


Varsity 22/23 season stats:

Sets played: 77

Serving: 170 Attempts, 19 Errors ,18 Aces ,88.8% Serve percentage ,10.6% Ace percentage

Serve Receive: Received 348 ,51 Errors

Ball Handling: 130 Attempts ,5 Errors ,21 Assists

Digging: 268 Digs


Additional sporting info

Approach Jump... 8 feet 11 inches

Personal Best


What makes you different?

I find myself to be unique because I find sports to be just as mental as they are physical, so to me having a good mindset is just as important as being in great physical shape. I have worked hard to better myself mentally as a person, to become a good student, a better teammate, and a great player.

I also believe that a big thing about me is that I'm always willing to give 110%, or go the extra mile to accomplish goals that I set for myself. I believe this kind of mentality has not just helped me in my athletic career but has allowed me to become a great student, it has made me passionate to pursue a career and be part of something bigger.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play college sports because they are an opportunity for me to gain education while doing something I love. I enjoy being part of something more and taking up responsibilities along the line.

College Goals?

My goal for my upcoming college years is to better up my education in sports medicine to become an athletic trainer. I wanna help future athletes like me in their athletic careers and recovery. While I study in college I also look forward to being part of a team that I can work hard for and leave an impact on.

Anything else we should know?

I am a person who is very passionate about sports, while volleyball is my main sport that I work hard for and love. I have had the chance to also partake in wrestling and lacrosse, which just as volleyball, have also helped me become the person I am now.



Jordan High School