Giacomo Pasin

January 17, 2004


About Athlete

The aim for my collegiate experience is to conduct an academic major with the possibility to advance my athletic capabilities contributing to the succeeding of team achievements. Since I first set my eye on the student-athlete pathway for my further secondary studies I have been able to organize and motivate myself in order to improve constantly and succeed in bringing home achievements both on and off the court. I not only have experience in challenging situations where only my perseverance and hard work brought me out of, but even defeated the odds people set for me being able to have a youth athletic career at the top levels in Italian basketball and bring home top grades in my classes. My passion to strive and develop my personal skillsets as a whole are what motivated me to outwork my set expectations and put me in the conditions to be able to see myself leaping forwards in my student-athlete career entering the collegiate experience. My goal is to be able to contribute to a team with my current skillset and continue to work even harder to further improve my abilities consequently aiming to enrich the output level not only I but the team perform at.

SAT Total Score
Score: 1350

Oderzo Basket
De’Longhi Treviso Basket
Benetton Basket Treviso


Youth Career:

  • U15 Silver 2nd place for the season
  • U15 Silver Top Scorer (50 pts in 2 games, 18 semi-final, 32 final)
  • U16 Selection to Excellence Team Tryouts
  • U16 Admission to Excellence Team
  • U16 Regional Champion
  • U16 National Finals Qualifiers (Cancelled due to COVID)
  • U18 Excellence Team Selection

Patrick Ewing Basketball Camp 2019:

  • 2 x Free Throw Competition Champion
  • 5v5 Champion
  • 3v3 Champion

NBC Camp 2018

  • MVP

Awards, press

  • U15 Silver Top Scorer (50 pts in 2 games, 18 semi-finals, 32 final)
  • Patrick Ewing Basketball Cup Champion (5v5, 3v3, 2x Free Throws)


Final Four U15 Top Scorer:

Current Team:

NBC Camp MVP 2018:

Point Per Game (PPG): ≈12 (Haven’t played official games in over 1 year, slightly adjusted on latest scrimmages)
Free Throw Percentage (FT%): ≈90% (estimate, no official percentages recorded)
Assists Per Game (APG): 4 (estimate, recorded from in-game footage, not tracked)
Rebounds Per Game (RPG): 6 (estimate, recorded from in-game footage, not tracked)
Blocks Per Game (BPG): 2 (estimate, recorded from in-game footage, not tracked)

Personal Best

Biggest strengths within my game:
Shot Creation
Off-ball defense

What makes you different?

Since a tender age, competitiveness has always been part of who I am, I used to practice many sports when I was young, and in each of them, not achieving top results I didn’t consider a good performance. In terms of personality, I have learnt through experience that the only difference someone can make to a team sport is by working on their weaknesses and addressing those before looking at mistakes’ others made because only if first you strengthen your own Achilles heel, then you can start to contribute to your full potential to a team. Furthermore, in order to strive, I don’t need to be the star player in the team to be able to contribute to the fullest and every time, in practice and in games, I give everything I have since that is the only way to reach my goal: improve every day.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because it’s what I consider the most effective way to continue my studies while improving in my athletic abilities. Plus, balancing studies and athletics at a collegiate level would mean that I will have developed the skillset necessary to organize time in my future life. Sports not only are part of my personality and a passion but are a mean to work on my personal being and a way to contribute to a bigger system, the team. Furthermore, the best way to achieve a successful career, at least from my limited experience, is to have a balance between training the mind and the body, both interdependent aspects which help each other.

College Goals?

From an academic standpoint I want to complete a major in Computer Science or Software Engineering enabling me to develop my passion for technology in further studies and life after academics. On the other hand, from a athletic perspective I seek to improve my athletic abilities, basketball skills and mindset, and performance capabilities in order to continue nourishing my love for basketball and becoming a more complete student-athlete.

Anything else we should know?

Top of the class in MYP(pre-IB Diploma Program)
Passionate about technology, computers, programming and artificial intelligence
Admitted to Stanford Summer Session
Attended Oxford Royale Academy Introduction to Engineering course.