Guilherme Azavedo Giacon

February 29, 2000


About Athlete

I love to play tennis and I am always trying to do my best, not only in practice but in everything that I do.

I adapt well to new situations and everything that I undertake to do, I do with commitment.



SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Semi finals in Monty tour in Barcelona

Second round in a brazilian tournament in Uberlandia (Brazil)


What makes you different?

I think that what makes me different is the experience that I have been living in another country. I am Brazilian I moved to Spain alone 2 years ago. I learned new cultures, I made new friends from all over the world. When I left my country I could only speak Portuguese and now I can speak 2 more languages (English and Spanish).

My first 3 months in Spain was really difficult because of the language, the school was so hard and I was really far from my family, but I never gave up and I learned so much in the last 2 years, now I know I can face any challenge.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I think that college competition is a different expirience, different atmosphere, you play as a team, it is not just you and I really like this, because you have partners always supporting you.

College Goals?

My goals in college are, grow as a person, improve academically, find out what I really want to do it on the future.

Another goal that I have it, is to improve my English, I have been improving so much in the last 2 years but I know that if I go to college I am going to improve a lot more.

And if I go to college in the USA I wo't stop playing tennis and this was a goal that I had, keep playing the sport that I love and go to college in the same time.

Anything else we should know?

When I was 17 years old I moved to Spain without my family and friends to play tennis and it was really hard in the beginning but I knew that what I was doing there is what I love to do, so I would love to go to USA to do the same but with a different experience.