Hannah Wiedemann

November 20, 2000

About Athlete

A bilingual student with double nationality – a true European patchwork. Oldest daughter of 3 kids, all being swimmers. Looking forward to an exciting experience in the US as a competitive swimmer and student-athlete. Planning to major in business and psychology, but my overall goal is to experience a fun and a good balance between school and swimming.  


Following NCAA guidelines Hannah’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

Predicted IB score 37 (plus extra points at a maximum of 3)


Participation in national championships, I have had a total of 6 national championships. 

2017 Championship  I had a total of 5 starts. 

Competed in the national open championships which are not age group based (placed within top 20 in my age group) 

Best placement: 9th place in the German Open in 50Fly in the Junior category in 2018.

State champion in my age group for multiple races

My female relay team at my club made it the national finals (top 6 in Germany) in the age group 2000/2001 (These are 4x100 relays in all strokes and IM)

I hold multiple NECIS (Northwest European Council of International Schools, which is a sports council) records, both in relays and in individual races. For this, I have also received the MVP (Most valuable player) 3 years in a row

What makes you different?

I go to an international school, therefore I am very openminded and open to new changes. I am one of the oldest in the swim team and therefore indirectly one of the team's captains (as we don't have a set captain) I am friends and get along with everyone in the team, teams mates know that they can always come tome if they have any problems. I have also been in the team the longest, with this I understand what the team expects from me and what I should expect from the team.

Overall I am a very positive person, swimming for me is a way to relieve stress. I always have fun in swimming and I can always put aside my personal problems either at home or at school and can focus on swimming and doing my best.

I am very focused and also do my best to achieve goals that I have set at the start of the season, this makes me different from others in my team as missing training gives me a bad feeling and therefore I try to avoid it. I am a very good sportsman and I know what fair sport is. This is very important to me as I want to achieve my goals but in a proper and fair way. I have received from my school the sportsmanship award.

I am very motivated and always want to do my best, both at training and in competitions. There have been times where I wanted to do less and even stop with swimming but I can always motivate myself after long periods of bad times and multiple injuries.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always admired the college lifestyle in the US and it is very different to Europe and Germany. As I don't want to take a gap year, studying in the US would be my "reward" for completing school. I have lived my whole in Europe and mostly in Germany, I am half English and German, living in Germany has only given me the German experience in life and living and studying in the US would be very different and an experience I don't want to miss. The fact that I grew up bilingual gives me more motivation to carry out my dream of studying in the US

College Goals?

My goal in college is to develop skills that I have learned at home, in school, at training and in my everyday life. I want to experience what life expects from me, this can be done at college in the US as I am not dependent on my family and with this, I can learn new things about myself and develop on skills. I also want to have a fun but hard-working college experience, this includes making friends, living by myself, learning new cultures, having new experiences, continuing and improving on my swimming and having a good education.

Overall I want a college experience that can make me independent and for me to experience a new way of living outside of Germany and without my family.

Anything else we should know?

I train a total of 6 times a week in a normal school week. When we have holidays we have some days multiple practices a day (10 times a week) Apart from swim practice we also have land training, this is mainly body weights, we don't have weights training. Apart from swimming, I enjoy other sports activities like volleyball.