Helena Arriete

Field Hockey
December 17, 2004


About Athlete

My objective is to be a person who generates high impact, in sports, academically, and as a person.


Helena's GPA would meet NCAA requirements.


Local club: Pucara
School: St Michael’s College

- AHBA tournament since 2012
- ESPN tournament 2018: we won the first place, we won the final 3-0
- ESPN tournament 2019: we won the third place
- The “bonaerenses” 2018 (a state tournament)
- The “bonaerenses” 2019 (a state tournament)
- Seven a side UDS
- T. “reducido” UDS
- Tournament “ten a side”
- integrating meeting UDS
- reduced tournament E. Echea


Awards, press

  • Won three years in a row the award “best performance”, not only on field hockey but also in athletics
  • Won a gold medal and a bronze one on the ESPN tournament
  • Since 2015, I've won more than 40 medals: cross country, 1200 meters, 800 meters, 100 meters, hurdling, high jump, long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, relay races (the majority of them are of 1 place) and best performance in hockey. 
  • Won a sport scholarship in 2019 in my school 
  • Won more than two cups in different tournaments
Additional sporting info

I've also been selected to represent Pucara in a provincial tournament called “bonaerenses”.

Since 2018, I've been the scorer of my team.

I’ve been selected to represent the A team of my club since 2016

In 2020 I was chosen by my team to be captain.

What makes you different?

The combination of different attributes makes me different. The commitment to what is fair; the commitment to overcoming and progressing not only myself, but also my environment; and perseverance to accomplish my objectives.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The main reason I'm looking forward to coming to the US and competing is because the system allows the combination of sports, science and art in the development as a student; in an environment of excellence.

College Goals?

I would like to achieve different things, first I am looking for an environment in which I can develop my potential to the maximum both in sports and academically.

This experience would allow me to be a high performance athlete and student.I also appreciate the cosmopolitan experience.

Anything else we should know?

I love art, especially music. I have a band and I play the guitar and piano(I also sing)



St. Michael’s College

Graduation year: 2022