Henrique Fernandes Santos

July 19, 2000


About Athlete

I started playing soccer when I was 7 years old. Very soon I was told that I was very clever and technically skilled so I joined a football academy. Since then, I never stopped developing as a player. I define myself as a perfectionist who always tries his best and a very focused person in achieving my goals. I love new and harder challenges in my life and I always stand up to the task. I consider myself a team player. My relationship with my team mates has always been great and I want to think that I can be an example for them and that we can help each other improving. For these reasons a student-athlete scholarship would be a perfect opportunity for me to combine both, academic studies and soccer, which is my life’s dream.

SAT Total Score
Score: 930

João Moutinho Soccer Academy (4 years)
Portimonense SC (captain) (6 years)
União Desportiva de Leiria (captain) (2 years)
C.F. «Os Armacenenses» (1 year)

Since U13 I have been always playing on level above my age.

I also went training with some of the best Portuguese clubs (Braga, Benfica, Sporting, Academica) on trials.



João Moutinho Academy

Regional champion U10

Portimonense SC

2nd place in regional championship U13

15 goals 20 assists

1st place in a national tournament «Copa Foot 21» U13

The best player of the tournament award

Regional squad selection U13/U14

Regional champion U14

14 goals 13 assists

6th place in National championship U15

Regional champion U16

12th place in National championship U17

União Desportiva de Leiria

6th place in the 1st division of National Championship U19 (2017/2018)

5 goals 11 assists

Revelation player of the first half of the season

12th place in the 1st division of National Championship U19 (2018/2019)

8 goals 15 assists

Team Captain

Played matches- 34

C.F. «Os Armacenenses»

3rd division of National Championship


1st place in a national tournament «Copa Foot XXI» U13

The best player of the tournament award

Regional Champion U14

Revelation player of the first half of the season U19 (2017/2018) (1st division of National Championship)



Personal Best

Primary position: Right/Left winger

Secondary position: Attacking Midfielder «10»

Preferred foot: Right foot

What makes you different?

I am a player who has the ability to easily create goal scoring chances (scoring or assisting). What distinguishes me from the other players is great speed and my unpredictability with the ball. This makes me a fearsome 1 to 1 player and very strong in attacking transitions. Although I am right-footed I easily play also with my left foot. I have a really positive mentality, high work rate, always trying to be better and I try to push myself to the limits every day.

Why do you want to compete in college?

When I heard about this project I didn’t hesitate to apply for it because I would be able to combine both studies and soccer, which is very important for me. I think all this experience would be good to develop myself as a person and as a soccer player. This would also be a fine opportunity for me to show my value in a new championship and country. I plan to make the most out of this student-athlete scholarship, learning and adapting the best I can and aiming, in the future, to achieve the top level of soccer in the U.S.A.

College Goals?

As a student, which is not less important than soccer, I am looking forward to graduate in my field of study. I think it will be very important to my future, professionally and as a person, so I am ready to work hard to achieve that end.

Regarding to my sport, I just wish my future team the best because «our» success is «my» success and vice versa. I hope we can achieve great things together by working hard and having good companionship. I also want to make an impact in the game and help the team by scoring goals and assisting my teammates.

Anything else we should know?

I am truly a sports person, I also practiced tennis and other sports but soccer is my real passion. I love to work on my fitness by exercising my body, eating healthy, diversified food and sleeping well. I value new experiences and in my free time I like to hang out with my friends, play ludic sports (ping-pong, snooker, etc.) and also watch my favorite sports on TV such as soccer and tennis.