Herman Alexander Olsen

July 19, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Herman Alexander Olsen and I play for Haga Golf club. I go to NTG high school right outside Oslo.

I started to play golf in 2016, but I started to take golf more seriously in 2019. College have been a dream since I was younger.

To combine golf and education is my very goal. My goal with college is to grow as a golfer and get my golf to a level where I can turn pro after college. beside a pro career I want to study business and leadership.


second year semester (2022)
Norwegian oral: 5
norwegian: 4
social studies: 5
spanish: 4
mathematics: 4
Golf: 5
english 5
geography: 4
social economics: 5

Norwegian school system: 1-6 (1 is the worst and 6 is best)


Team Haga


2021 Narvesen Tour Bærum GC: 5651m: 86: Par 71: 14th
2021 Jr Nm team Haga qualification: 5648m: 81: Par 71: 2nd
2021 Jr Nm team Haga: div 1: placement 8th
2021 Club championship Mjölkeröds GC: 6124m: 87: 77: 13th
2021 Club championship Haga GC jr: 5648m: 90: 81: Par 71: 3rd
2021 Narvesen Tour Asker GC: 5181m: 84: Par 71: 7th
2021 Narvesen Tour Oslo GC Bogstad: 5789m: 77: 4th
2021 Narvesen Tour Kjekstad GC: 4831m: 77: par 68: 8th
2021 Narvesen Tour Order of Merit Viken Vest: (Oom) 4th
2021 Narvesen Tour Kongsvinger GC: 5872m: 87: Par 72: 26th
2021 Srixon Tour Vestfold GC: 6350m: 87: 79: Par 72: MC

2022 Narvesen Tour Kjekstad GC: 4818m: 78: par 68: par 72: 4th
2022 Narvesen Tour Onsøy GC: 5658m: 78: par 72: 2nd
2022 Narvesen Tour Østmarka GK: 5600m: 84: par 72: 10th
2022 Narvesen Tour Oslo GC Bogstad: 5789m: 78: par 72: 17th
2022 Srixon Tour 4 Norsjø GC: 6142m: 76: 83: 88: par 72: T51
2022 jr NM team Haga qualification: 5648m: 78: par 71: 4th
2022 Narvesen Tour Bærum GC: 5632m: 73: par 71: 4th
2022 Narvesen Tour Asker GC:5141m: 78: par 70: 10th

2022 Club championship Mjölkeröds GC: 6124m: 80: 74: 5th
2022 Callaway ØstlandsTour Haga GC: 6110m: 79: 81: par 71: 15th
2022 Narvesen Tour Grini GC: 5213m: 82: par 70: 15th
2022 Narvesen Tour Haga GC: 5599m: 73: par 71: 3rd
2022 Narvesen Tour Kjekstad GC: 4818m: 75: par 68: 8th
2022 Narvesen Tour Oslo GC Bogstad: 5789m: 74: par 72: 3rd

2023 Narvesen Tour Skjeberg GC: 5607m: 82: par 70: 12th
2023 Srixon Tour 1 Sola GC: 6213m: 82:78:78: par 72: T47th

Additional Videos

Additional sporting info

Club distances (carry yards)
Driver: 251 yds
3-wood: 234 yds
2 iron: 210 yds
4 iron: 191 yds
5 iron: 175 yds
6 iron: 168 yds
7 iron: 157 yds
8 iron: 148 yds
9 iron: 134 yds
PW: 118 yds
52 degree: 109 yds
56 degree: 98 yds
60 degree: 87 yds

Tournament score avg:
2023: 80,0 (currently)
2022: 78.6
2021: 81,3

Personal Best

2022 Narvesen Tour: 3rd Oslo GC Wahlstrøms Pokal - 74: 3rd place

What makes you different?

I am hardworking both on the course and practice area and in school. I love when my coach give me feedback and things in my game I need to improve.

I love to compete against other players and friends, but I also understand the importance of being a good team member.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college golf to become a better golfer, get used to competing in better tournaments and to play with a college team. Competition is a big part of the road to become a better golfer. My strongest part of the game is to play good under pressure and keep my focus while playing tournaments. Next to golf I want to make a successful career combined with a good education.

College Goals?

My very goal is to become good enough to make it to a college team in my school and become a more experienced golfer in the future. Besides of those goals I want to show my very best and be a good team member.
Good grades and a good education
develope my game to be good enough to turn pro

Anything else we should know?

I played football from age 6 to 10 for Øhil football and played ice hockey from 2014-2018 before I started to focus more on golf. In Norway I am an ice hockey referee and I am currently a federal ice hockey referee aspirant for the Norwegian ice hockey federation. Its on of my greater hobbys next to golf.