Herman Holst

November 25, 2002


About Athlete

My objective by coming to the US is to combine my academics studies at a high level together with the development of my game in a competitive environment. I like the challenge and look forward to becoming a valuable part of a university team.

TOEFL Total Score
Score: 71

Scoring average 2020: 75,8

Current HCP: +0,8 


  • Sweden, boys 13-21 years - 2020: 258
  • The boys 18 years: 55th out of 189

Club memberships: Ystad gk and Pga national of Sweden 



Skandia tour first, Åkagården (SE) 30th | 87 (+16)

Skandia tour first, Tegelberga (SE) 32nd | 89 (+18)

Skandia tour future,Ystad (SE) – T42 | 85,88 (+31)


Teen tour first, Landskrona (SE) T35 | 88 (+16)

Junior series, Örestad (SE) 24th | 84 (+13)

Teen tour first, Sjöbo (SE) T27 | 83 (+11)

Junior series, Malmö (SE) 5th | 78 (+6)

Teen tour first, Wittsjö (SE) 10th | 80 (+9)

Teen tour first, Båstad (SE) T14 | 85 (+13)

Teen tour first, Kristianstad (SE) T6 | 78 (+6)


Teen tour first, Ljunghusen (SE) 1st | 72 (par)

Teen tour future, Ronneby (SE) 33rd | 79,79 (+18)

Battle of Skåne, Vasatorp (SE) t25 | 76,85 (+17)

Teen tour first, Höör (SE) 1st | 75 (+3)

Teen tour future, Rönnebäck (SE) T37 | 76,76,85 (+21)

Battle of Skåne, Kristianstad (SE) 52nd | 78,82 (+16)

Battle of Skåne, Barsebäck (SE) T4 | 71 (par)

Teen tour furture, Romelåsen (SE) T27 | 77,77(+10)

Battle of Skåne, Djupadal (SE) T34th |. 78,82 (+18)

Club championships, Ystad (SE) 3rd | 73,76,73 (+9)

Slaget om skåne, Ljunghusen (SE) T30 | 76,79 (+11)

Order of merit (Battle of Skåne) 25th/65


Barsebäck juniorseries: 72 shots +1

Sjöbo: battle of skåne, 27 holes (+8) | T8

Battle of skåne kristianstad, +3 27 holes | T9

Barsebäck battle of skåne +12 27 holes | T15

Bara junior open by titleist +3 27 holes | T9

Teen tour future +4 27 holes | 3rd

Club championship:70,74,74 | 2nd

Ljunghusen GK: 76,80 

Order of merit final (course 7200 yards): 74,72 | 3rd

Club distances (total)

Driver 295 yards

3 wood 255 yards

Club distances (carry)

2 iron: 217 yards

4 iron: 193 yards

5 iron: 184 yards

6 iron: 175 yards

7 iron: 165 yards

8 iron: 153 yards

9 iron: 141 yards

Pw: 133 yards

52*: 117 yards

56*: 104 yards

60*: 90 yards

Additional sporting info

I’ve been playing a lot of sports in my life including:
Table tennis

What makes you different?

My eagerness to learn new things and turn them into practical results. To be able to see positives in things I do and to learn from any mistakes. I love team spirit and to compete. I see my ability to cooperate and my positive mind as a strength.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete with and against the best around my age, and I'm convinced that college in USA is the best place for this. I want to develop myself as a golfer and at the same time get a good academic education. My dream is to play professional golf and college, once again, seems to be a very good place to start to build that dream. I like the feeling to be surrounded by coaches and youngsters like myself, who all want to be as good as possible.

College Goals?

I would like to achieve a good academic education that would help me in my career if golf turns out to be a” no choice”. About sporting, I want to contribute to my team and for us/them to become successful and hopefully win tournaments together. If there is possibility to play individual tournaments, I want to be successful there too!