Hlelo Tony Ngwenya

December 6, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Hlelo Tony Ngwenya, and I am a dedicated South African rugby player possessing a goal of playing Rugby professionally while pursuing my education at a university level.

Rugby has and will always be an integral part of my life ever since I was scouted by my 1st team Preparatory School coach. Being captivated, more so, by the pace, camaraderie, agility, and vision of the game; which i have grown to embody into my playstyle.

I go to St Stithians Boys College, which I have gained the privilege of representing the Saints 1st XV Rugby Team for 2 years consecutively and I’m working to make that 3. I value my experience at the top while keeping my head on the ground and eyes focused on what I have to do next.

Academically, I have my strengths and weaknesses which I embrace and work on as best I can while keeping it consistent and showing gradual improvement so I can continue my Rugby passion; and with various learning points I have become more aware of the importance of balancing my passion with my pursuit of quality education. And for my goals I will excel in both.

A part of my goals are not only to contribute to the success of my teams but also to continue to press on with my growth as an athlete and a leader. I aspire to play professionally while earning my degree, with the hope to inspire others to relentlessly pursue their passions, just as rugby has inspired me.


Waiting for Term 3 results


2022 - St Stithians Boys' College 1st XV Team. Was scouted and went to trials resulting in me being privileged to be able to play for the 1st team in my grade 10 year (Only grade 10 to make selection as only grade 11 and 12 players usually get selected) I started over 80% of the season only missing 2 matches due to a concussion. My performances allowed the coaches to choose me to represent Saints at the Lions trials in 2023 and for both festivals that year (Wynberg Rugby Festival and St Stithians Easter Rugby Festival)
2023 - St Stithians Boys' College 1st XV Team. Trialled and made the 1st XV Team for a second year in grade 11. Again playing over 80% of the season. Selected for All 4 Festivals/Tournaments(St Andrews Rugby Festival, Grey High Rugby Festival, St Stithians Easter Rugby Festival, Monument 7s Rugby Tournament)
2023 - Played club rugby under Badgers and went to Lions IPT trials after the school season but unfortionatly suffered from a hamstring injury and focused on recovering for the 7s Tournament.

Additional sporting info

Also participate and Captain the Athletics squad for St Stithians Boys' College. Events - High Jump and 100m
Have experience in Hockey, Football, Mountain Biking and Cross Country.

Personal Best

33 1st XV Team Caps
Bench - 90kg
Squat - 130kg
Deadlift - 120kg
Pull-ups - 29
100m - 11.14s
High Jump - 1.85m

What makes you different?

Throughout my rugby journey, I have developed a unique combination of skills, qualities and experiences that I believe distinguish me as an athlete and more so a competitive rugby player.

Vision for the Game: Rugby is a mental chess match where strategy and vision play a pivotal role. I have a deep understanding of
the game and the ability to anticipate the flow of play especially from a set piece. This enables me to make split-second decisions.

Leadership: On and off the field, I take pride in my ability to not only lead but follow, as I live by the leader-follower theory. I have the ability to command under pressure and moody environments while setting an example and constantly motivating my teammates; striving to strengthen our unity and purpose as a team.

Physical Agility and Acceleration: My playing style is characterized by both physicality and agility. I am capable of not only dominant tackles but also possess the agility, vision and acceleration to navigate through tight spaces and evade opposing players allowing me to exploit gaps in the defense and create try scoring opportunities.

High Ball Proficiency: Fielding high balls can be a game changer and I take great pride in my ability to do so. Whether it’s my ability to field a high kick or send one up with a chase to create a counter attack. I am reliable under high balls.

Kicking Skills: I have honed my Chip and Grubber skills in 2023 after feeling a lack of flair in my 2022 season. This versatility has allowed me to grow immensely and add what I felt was missing to my game.

Experience: I bring a wealth of experience to the game, having played in various competitive environments against diverse teams. This experience through the years has sharpened my rugby IQ and has made me adaptable to different playing styles and strategies. It’s also made me extremely confident in my abilities allowing me to get involved ás much as I like across the whole pitch and not just staying on the wing.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Growth as a Player: One of my primary motivations for pursuing college rugby is my continued growth and development as a player. College rugby is a structured and competitive platform that will allow me to enhance my prowess, knowledge and understanding of the game. Through the ever growing rugby community and expertise in America with its rigorous training, access to ever growing experienced coaches and the opportunity to play at an even bigger league, I know I can fully pursue my rugby career and grow to unlock my full potential.
The college environment will challenge me and push myself to new heights and I can't help but be excited.

Making Myself Known: Securing a college spot is a significant step towards making myself known in the rugby community. I am passionate about rugby, and want to share my dedication, skills and vision across a new broader environment. By competing in a college environment I will become a part of a larger network of players, coaches, and enthusiasts who, I believe, will aid me in gaining the recognition I strive to achieve in the rugby world. Not only aiding my growth as a player but also enabling me to contribute positively to my communities.

Experience to New Playing Environments: College rugby offers the unique opportunity to experience diverse playing styles and environments. With the amount of colleges in different regions fostering distinct rugby cultures, playing styles, and traditions. I am excited about the prospects of traveling to play against various teams in different regions with their own ‘flairs’. These experiences will broaden my perspectives on rugby, expose me to different coaching styles and philosophies, and help me adapt to different game conditions that I haven't already experienced. Not only will this exposure enhance my rugby abilities but also enrich my overall life experiences.

College Goals?

> Grow as a Rugby Player and as a person

> Experience and adapt my playing style

> gain more recognition

> Share my passion

> Increase my experience and IQ

Anything else we should know?

Favourite quote: "I would rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of an ox"
Also know Zulu and a bit of Afrikaans



High School

St Stithians Boys' College

St Stithians Boys' College is a school that focuses and raising well rounded boys ready to face the world with main focuses on Sports, Academics and Culture. I study English, Math, Biology, Art, Life Orientation, CAT, Zulu and do Athletics and Rugby after school.




Rugby Half Colours

Playing over 80% of the Season in the 1st XV Rugby Team.

Rugby Colours

Play 2 consecutive years in the 1st XV Rugby Team.