Honor Keilty

October 12, 2000

About Athlete

I have always been a team player. Working for my whole life with other people has inspired my ambitions to be the best I can be and to be a leader. This helps me both on the course and in the classroom and is an attribute I will bring to college to fuel my desire for my teams success. 


Following NCAA guidelines Honor's GPA would meet U.S. requirements.





General Play Low Score

72  par 73  DISTANCE: 5676 yards  WEST HERTS GOLF CLUB

Scoring Average in Tournaments: 77

Current Handicap: 4.6

Top Individual Tournament Results

Chesfield Downs Junior open: 76 (win), 5356 yards

English Girl’s under 18s: 84,82 EAST DEVON GOLF CLUB, extended yardage (par 74)

State Finals: 77 (par 72) Second, 1st place girl, VERELUM GOLF CLUB, 5564 yards

Mackay Trophy 77,78 (par 74), 1st place, WEST HERTS GOLF CLUB

State League winners 2017,2018 playing for West Herts Golf Club

Faldo Series Girls Championship 2018 at Trentham golf club | Scores: 79,76,85 | 10th place.


Club Distances (yards)

Driver: 280

3 wood (tee): 25

3 wood (floor): 235

3H: 225

4 Iron: 200

5 iron: 185

6 iron: 175

7 iron: 165

9 iron: 140

PW: 125

50 degree: 110

54 degree: 100

58 degree: 90

Other athletic information

Only under 18 to represent Hertfordshire’s Ladies 1st team for 2018 in Regional County Match Week

Hertfordshire (state) Ladies and Junior 1st team representative as well as Club’s leading Scratch Team player and representative of junior team

1st player in junior county squad (lowest handicap in team)

Only player in East England to beat a Norfolk player

Participated in English Girls under 18s with scores of 84,82 (par 74) (extended yardage)

Course Record for women at home club 1 under 72 (5676 yards)

1st female junior captain in club’s 128 year history

Winner of Chesfield downs junior open with score of 76 (mixed field on links style course)

2nd in state finals day carding a 77 (+5)

Verelum Golf Course (5564 yards)

2 times winner of clubs female golfer of the year

Junior club championship winner 2016 (77,78) par 73

Clubs cadet cup winner 2016 Best winning streak on Club’s scratch A team 2017 unbeaten record

What makes you different?

I am extremely dedicated to success in golf. I have a desire to win and be the best player possible and due to this desire I put in countless hours to dedicate myself to practice giving me the nickname “the girl on the putting green” at my golf club as no matter the weather even if its pouring with rain that will not halter my practice whilst everyone else is sitting inside I’m out there working on my game. This inner dedication I believe is what makes me different as I have been this way my whole life as I want to succeed, so will put in the time to ensure I do so. This is why I believe I will stand out in your team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have wanted to compete in college for as long as I can remember. The opportunity to play golf in the USA is far greater than here in the UK and to play for a team at such a prestige level would be such an amazing experience for me and really bring out my strengths in golf. I have always been a team player which fuels my desire to success to work hard to bring something towards my team. Playing college golf would be the perfect fit for me to grow my golfing potential and carry on playing the sport that I love.

College Goals?

I plan to study in sport or geography. I would love to be part of a successful team to experience winning and playing in a field of excellent golfers will spark my potential. My goal is to get my major and fulfill my lifelong goal to play for a college golf team.