András Hunor Sólyom

Ice hockey
May 21, 2005


About Athlete

Committed to Adrian College class 2028

My name is Andras Hunor Solyom from Budapest, Hungary.
I began to play hockey at 3 and haven’t stopped loving it for a second since. My parents have always taught me to have priorities with school and hockey but for me, it was always going hand in hand. I couldn’t possibly imagine one without the other.
My dedication and love for the sport and the work I put in have always been outstanding I just can’t stand when someone is working harder than me. At the moment my life is about hockey and school I spend half of my day in school and the other half at the rink working out or coaching the little kids and helping wherever I possibly can.
I’ve been having only one goal for years now and it’s the most simple thing in the world I just want to be better every single day and be the best version of myself on my worst days too.



TOEFL Total Score

Mac Budapest 2008-2020
Ferencváros Tc 2020-2021
Kárpáti Farkasok 2021-2022
Ea Oberössterreich Academy 2022-2023
Sportországi Cápák 2023-



Additional sporting info

Growing up I was a D man until u12 so my skating and my passing is very high level compared to my age.
I'd say I have one talent on the ice and that's my hockey IQ I can see things moments before they happen.
When I switched to Forward I realized how important my hands and stick handling was so I worked really hard on it and it improved my game significantly.
My biggest weakness on the ice is probably my shots. I've been struggling with my shooting for years but my hands and passing game is a really good compensation for it.

Personal Best

40 Points in 24 games (18 goals and 22 assists)
24 Points in 12 games in the Hungarian 2nd league(9 goals and 15 assists)
16 Points in 12 games in the Hungarian u21 league (9 goals and 7 assists)

The leading scorer on the team 3x (2020-21,2022-23,2023-)

What makes you different?

My dedication and hard work. The fact that I can play in every position on the ice and adapt to any play styles

Why do you want to compete in college?

To both study and play hockey on a high level.

College Goals?

Degree and grow as a player the most I can

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