Hunter Wade Gohil

January 1, 2004


About Athlete

I have played soccer since the age of eight. I am a dedicated athlete with a very high work rate. I have strong leadership skills, which I have gained through many playing experiences. This led me to being the starting varsity central midfielder for my high school team as a freshman, of which I ended as top scorer and assister. I am also a proficient communicator on the field. Communication is a vital skill I have learned as captain and center back for my club team.

Academically, I want to graduate with a Master’s Degree in my chosen field of study. After I finish playing at the college level, I hope to advance to the professional level. I am dedicated to scholastic excellence and have maintained a 4.0 GPA since beginning middle school.


Current GPA: 4.0

9th Grade (Freshman Year) GPA 4.0

Earth Science: 96% A

English 9: 100% A

Health: 99% A

Physical Education: 100% A

Math 1: 101% A

Spanish 2: 97% A

World Studies: 96% A

10th Grade (Sophomore year) GPA 4.0

Pre-Ap Math 2 A

Honors English 10 A

Pre-AP Biology A

Pre-AP History 10 A

Robotics A

Art 1 A

11th Grade GPA 4.0

Chem A

Psych A

Trig/pcalc A

Eng A

Cont St Virt A

Anat/Phys A

SAT Total Score
ACT Score

Freshman Year for Nicholas County High School 18/19

Starting Varsity Center Attacking Midfielder

Games Played: 9

Goals Scored: 9

Assists: 12


Sophomore Year for Nicholas County High School 19/20

Starting Varsity Center Attacking Midfielder 

Team Captain 

18 Games Played (Started in All Games)

26 Goals (Leading Team Scorer) 

16 Assists (Leading Team Assists)

Season Average 4.57 Miles Per Game (5.07 mile best)

Season Average 17.1 mph top speed (17.6 mph best)

Season Average 597 yards sprinting per game (856 yard best)

Awarded 2nd Team All Region Midfielder



2016 Adidas Cup (NC) Starting Center Back

2016 Battle on The Gorge (WV) Starting Center Back

2017 Race City Classic (NC) Starting Center Back

2017 Thunder in the Valley (WV) Starting Center Back

2017 Bethesda Premier Cup (MD) Center Back

2018 u16 Ralph Downey Memorial Day Classic (VA) Starting Center Back playing up to 2002/u16 as 2004/u14

2018 u15 Boys Crew SC Classic (OH) Starting Center Back

2018 u15 Boys Haunted Classic (OH) Starting Center Back

2018 Ohio Elite Spring Classic (OH) Starting Center Back playing up to 2003/u16 as 2004/u15

2018 u14 Little General Darrell Moore Memorial (WV) Starting Goal Keeper

2018 u16 Boys Little General Darrell Moore Memorial (WV) Starting Center Back playing up to u16 as 2004/u14

(Played 2 age brackets at Little General Darrell Moore Classic in 2018)

2018 2004 Boys West Virginia State Cup Champions

Starting Center Back (Won 10-1 over Epic SC)

2019 u16 National Indoor Champions (OH) Center Back playing up to 2003/u16 as 2004/u15

2019 u15 Boys WVFC Capital Cup (WV) Starting Center Back

2019 2004 Boys West Virginia State Cup Champions Starting Center Back (Won 2-1 over WVFC Black) & Team Co-Captain

June 2019 FCA 04 Boys (WV) v. PSA Nationals 04 Boys (NJ) Regional Game Win 1-0


2019 2000 Boys Little General Darrell Moore Finalists – Playing up to 2000 Boys as Starting Goal Keeper

2019 2002 Boys Bowling Green Spring Classic Finalists – Playing up to 2002 as Starting Center Back

Awards, press

2018: State Cup Semi-Final CFC/Fury (FCA) 2004B v. WVFC 2004B – Subbed in Goalkeeper for Semi-Final that went to Penalties. Won Shootout and featured on multiple Soccer Associations Social Media Pages

Additional sporting info

My dedication to my goal of becoming a professional soccer player is extreme. I make soccer and school my top priorities. I currently drive 2 hours at least 3 days a week to receive the best team and private trainings my state offers. When not at training, I am in our home gym or working on skills in the yard. My grades in school are top notch. I finished my freshman year with a 4.0 (98% overall average). I don’t just want to play soccer in college and professionally, I need to.

What makes you different?

There are several things that make me different from the average athlete. My love for the game and dedication to reaching my full potential as a player set me apart for sure. When I’m not traveling for soccer, most of my free time is taken up with training, studying for school, and watching soccer. I believe that when you mix desire with drive, success is often the outcome.

I am also a very positive person. One of the reasons that I was selected to be a captain for my club team is because I constantly encourage and motivate my teammates before, during, and after games. Keeping positive energy on the pitch can be a game changer.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have been to many collegiate sporting events and have always been impressed with the level of play. My club coaches are former US Collegiate athletes as well and have always encouraged me to play soccer at that level. I feel like being a member of a sports team while in college will be beneficial because I will be surrounded by others with similar goals. Typically, athletes want to succeed and be the best. I thrive when surrounded with competitive and dedicated people like myself.

College Goals?

As a student, I hope to graduate with a Master’s Degree in my field of study. I am currently considering pursuing a degree in nutrition. I have always been interested in how the foods we put into our bodies can affect us. Ideally, I will be a top student in my class.

As an athlete, I want to continue to grow and learn while playing for my school. I would love to help my team earn titles, and becoming a valuable starting player will be a priority for me.

Anything else we should know?

Superintendent’s Scholar each year since 4th grade

Math Field Day Competitor at county, regional and state levels

Jr. Honor Society President