About Athlete

My name is Sasha. I am a 21-year-old South African, male. I wish to acquire a degree within the field of Sports Science and to continue to grow and improve on the pitch, with the goal of playing professional soccer.




• Caversham FC (Durban, South Africa) - 2016 -2017
• Glenwegians FC (Pretoria, South Africa) - 2019-2020
• PHSOB Falcons FC (Pretoria, South Africa) - 2020

Additional sporting info

✓ Soccer Achievements (honorable mentions/accolades):


• Grade 5 (Most dedicated player)
• Grade 8 (best defender, most versatile player, most dependable player)


• PHSOB FALCONS Reserves squad
• PHSOB FALCONS 1st Division squad
• Man Of the Match (PHSOB v Glenn)

Personal Best

(2020-21 season) Main position being: Wing back
-6 goals
-3 assists
-12 games

What makes you different?

What makes me different? What I believe makes me different from others is my
desire (or let me rather say, obsession) to always improve and learn (whether on
the pitch or as a person). When growing up, I was never the best or most talented
child you could find, and this was probably due to a late exposure of the game.
As I grew up, the competition increased and got harder. Due to my inability to
perform well on the field, I ended up facing many psychological problems, which
came in the form of; panicking, discouragement to the sport, social anxiety and low
self-esteem. Seeing that I was not good enough to stick in with the crowd (on the
field) I sought to bring about change. I started surfing through the net searching
for ways to get over the difficulties I was facing on the and off the pitch, and this
is when I found out about Sports Science and Sports Psychology!
Through my research, I used the knowledge I had obtained (and still continue to
obtain) to solve the problems and difficulties I was faced with. After sometime of
applying the knowledge I had learnt; I found my performance on the pitch
dramatically improving and ALL the psychological obstacles I was struggling with
Due to my shyness and social anxiety fading away, I started getting close to my
coaches and fellow teammates, seeking for ways to improve my game, which
eventually led me to great YouTube channels that teach and explain the sport inside
out. Through my ever-growing knowledge of the game, I have changed the way I
watch soccer matches. Whereas most people would be busy on their phones and
only look at the screen once the commentator raises his’ voice or when something
exciting happens (which is not wrong if you are just watching to enjoy the game)
I have taken a great joy in analyzing and studying them. Pausing, rewinding and
slowing the footage down to pick up any information I can apply to my game –
which has led to a great spike in my soccer IQ and a great improvement in my
To this very day, I apply what I learn from my research and studying to improve on
and off the pitch. Through this process, I have drastically improved my
performances. Obstacles that seemed to be unconquerable are now obstacles that
I am able to walk over, feats that many people found difficult to accomplish I have
found quite effortless. If the saying, “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t
work hard” were to manifest into a being, that being would be me!

Why do you want to compete in college?

To develop both my athletic ability within the sport, along with helping whatever team I may be part of reach and possibly exceed their goals and expectations. I also wish to immerse myself in an environment that will stimulate further development and growth in my character and maturity.

College Goals?

To acquire a degree within the field of Sports Science and to continue to grow and
improve on and off the pitch. If given the opportunity, I hope to be in constant
conversation with my team Coach, the rest of the coaching staff, as well as my
teammates - so that I may continue to grow in knowledge of the sport and apply
it to my game to improve where possible. I also hope to share any helpful tips and
advice I may have to help others improve and move forward in their dreams and

Anything else we should know?

My main position is a Wingeroperating on either the Left or Right flank, as well as a Deep-Lying striker. However due to a shortage of defenders for the Wing-Back position in my team, I played as a Wing-Back.



General Educational Development (GED)

Office of the State Superintendent of Education

NCCA Accredited Certificate in Personal Training

ACTION Personal Training Certification

Certification in Personal Training



Jun 2021 - Jun 2021
First Aid for free

Online CPR Course



Jun 2021 - Jun 2021
First Aid for free

Online AED and First Aid certification



Jul 2021 - present
ACTION Personal Trainer Certification