Ida Rudelius

April 11, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Ida Rudelius and I love swimming. I am a hardworking swimmer who loves training as much as competing. I am a passionate, disciplined and hardheaded woman who also loves to laugh and enjoys hanging out with friends.


3.3 GPA ((for natural science program, standard course 2500 hours, took 200 hours extra in expanded courses, (3,02 GPA))

SAT Total Score
1130 (530 english, 600 math)
TOEFL Total Score
Duolingo: 125
ACT Score

Jönköpings Simsällskap (Sweden)


Link to my results the past years:

International competitions

Speedo Helsinki Swim Meet (Finland) 2023

Swim Open  Stockholm 2019

National championships


Swedish national championship (lc) 2023: 2nd place 200 m butterfly (junior) (6th overall), 2nd place 4x200 free, 2nd place 4x100 medley.

Swedish national championship in Open Water 2023: 3rd in 4x1250m relay


Swedish national championship (sc) 2022: 6th in 200m butterfly (5th junior), 1st 4*200m free (junior), 4th 4*50m free

Swedish national championship (lc) 2022: 5th in 200m butterfly, 4th in junior, 2nd 4*200m free and 4*100m free (junior)

Swedish national championship in open water


Swedish youth national championship (lc) 2021: 3rd in 200m butterfly

Swedish national championships (sc) 2021: (3rd in B-final 200 m butterfly)

Swedish national championships (lc) 2021


Pandemic year: Nationals at home


Swedish youth nationals (sc)

Swedish youth nationals (lc)  4th in 200m butterfly, 6th 400m IM, 9th 200m IM. 3rd in relay 4*200m free


Swedish youth nationals (lc) 7th 100m butterfly

Swedish youth nationals (sc) 9th 400m IM, 8th 100m butterfly

Additional sporting info

When I was younger I did gymnastics and track and field. I like crosscountry-skiing. Overall I like sports and like to stay active.

When I am in my holiday-home in Spain I take the opportunity to swim with the swimclub (Club Natacion CMD Horadada) and also compete in open water events there.

Personal Best

200m butterfly (sc): 2:19:03
200m butterfly (lc): 2:22:08
100m butterfly(lc): 1:04:98
50 m butterfly (lc): 00:29:74
100 m free (sc): 1:00:44
100 m free (lc): 59:81 (relay) 1:01:26 (lC) individually
200 m free (sc): 2:10:25
200 m free (lc) 2:14:24
50 m free (lc) 28:04
50 m free (sc) 27:81

What makes you different?

As a swimmer I am highly disciplined, hardheaded and loves to train and improve my skills, but I am also a true team-member being as passionate about my team-members success as my own. One of my strengths is my ability to pace myself during longer races.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete at college level not only because I have a passion for being part of a team but also because I believe that it is the best platform for my own development in swimming. I would like to develop my technique in an new environment. Combining my passion for swimming with studies is an excellent investment in my future and a great way to grow as an individual.

College Goals?

My college goals is to excel in my science studies towards a degree in science/engineering and being able to do so along with my athletic career, simply being the best I can.

Anything else we should know?

Over the years as a swimmer I have had a steady progress with my times and results, getting a little bit better competition by competition. Last year (2022) I got a new coach (Niko Martikainen, who has coached swimmers to the Olympics and the World Championships). The progress mainly in my butterfly has been really good and going from 2,27,99 to 2,22,08 in my 200 m butterfly (lc) in one year feels amazing. Approaching training with more analysis and reflection along with adding weightlifting to my schedule more systematically strongly makes me believe that my full potential is yet to be unlocked.



Natural Science Program ( with swimming)

Sandagymnasiet (High School)

The programme includes, besides core subjects such as English and Swedish, also programme specific subjects such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The programme also includes Physical Education and Health and in Languages. Grades: Physical Education: A Sports Specialization: A Competition and training education: A Math1 : B Math 2: D Math 3: C Physics: C Swedish 1: B Swedish 2: C History: C Chemistry 1: D Biology: C Spanish 3: B Spanish 4: D Social studies: B English 5-6: C




Part of a regional team

I have been selected to be a part of the Swedish "south-east"-team, a regional team selected based upon performance and results. Being part of the team I have been to Malaga in Spain at two training camps and in Denmark at several occasions.

Press: JSS fortsatte att samla SM-medaljer – juniorerna övertygade

Local press wrote about my teams success at the nationals. I am mentioned with my performance in butterfly.

Press: Nya SM-medaljer för JSS

Local news article about youth nationals in the summer of 2021. I am mentioned for my 3rd place in 200m butterfly.

Press: Nya rekord och JSS-medaljer på Sum-Sim

Article in the newspaper where my team and I are highlighted for our performances in the youth nationals.

Press: Bra SM-start för JSS

I was featured in the press together with my teammates after our 3rd place in 4*100 medley.

Press: Nya guldjubel för JSS: ”Det är vi jäkligt nöjda med”

Article about my swimteam and my success at nationals in longcourse summer 2023.

Press: Historien upprepade sig - fyra SM-medaljer första dagen

Article about me and my swimteams sucess at the nationals in longcourse.

Press: JSS bäst i Sverige igen: ”Förträffligt bra SM”

Article in the local press. My team got the award for being the best swimmingteam in the nation at nationals.