Ignacio Andres Zapata Mendez

December 26, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Ignacio Zapata and I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I am a 16-year-old scratch golfer, the #2 junior golfer in my country, and 1200 in WAGR.

Since 8 years old I have been involved in sports like soccer, tennis, etc but 4 years ago I decided to put all my energy and work into golf. My goal is to play golf at a good university with quality facilities so that I can continue my goal of being a professional golfer.



SAT Total Score
October 2023
TOEFL Total Score
November 2023

2021 Venezuelan under 16 national team
2023 amateur team representing venezuela (Panama)
2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Lagunita Country Club under 18 squad



  • Venezuela open 18-03-2023     75(+4)-73(+2)-75(+4)-73(+2) 1st junior
  • IJGA Junko Junior 26-02-2023     72(+2)-73(+3)-71(+1) 2nd place
  • Junior qualification south American championship 15-02-2023     73(+2)-69(-2)-73(+3)-75(+5) finalist (Played in two separate courses)
  • Torneo invitacional Amateur Panamá Open (Venezuela Team) | April 21-23 | Course 7.200 yards | Par 72 | +7 +5 +3 | 79- 77-75 | 14th place
  • April 28,29 and 30 | Abierto Caracas Country Club | Par 71 | +3 +2 Even par | 74-73-71 | 4th place
  • Torneo amateur Junko GC | June 30th and July 1st and 2nd |Par 70 | 74-70-73 | 2nd place
  • Optimist international junior golf Championship  | Trump National Doral (Gold Course) | t-4th place | Par 71 | 73 | July 26-28|
  • Fourball National Championship (Campeonato nacional Fourball) |September 1-3 | Valle Arriba GC | 3rd place with my partner | Par 70 | 68-63-67 |


  • Junior National championship of Venezuela ( Torneo Nacional Juvenil de Venezuela) | 20-05-2022 |Stroke play Par 71 | 73-71 | match play Finalist
  • GCJGF pga national (Fazio course) | 28-12-2022 | Par 72 | 76-75 t-3rd place
  • Doral junior classic |Trump National Doral (gold course) | 21-12-2022|  74-76-73 | Par 71| 16th place
  • Oriental championship maturin | 15-09-2022 | Par 72 | 68-78-68 | 1st place |
  • Wagr International championship Guataparo | 27-11-2022| Par 71| 74-75-71| 2nd Place
Additional sporting info

I am a person who is willing to do anything for success, if I have to run every day and the distance is unknown I'll do it for success, that's why I'm training mentally and physically to be prepared at what life and golf throw's at me. I'll never back down from a challenge.

Personal Best

I am currently the number 2 junior in Venezuela.
1200 place in WAGR.

What makes you different?

What makes me different is my approach to the mental game. Golf is such a difficult sport where you can easily lose your temper however even with a bad shot I am determined to understand what happened and use the right tools to improve. I approach my game with positivity and an understanding of my strengths, that is why I train every day for my mental and physical game.
I am also determined to study and understand key areas of my day to day life so I can live to it's fullest meaning.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want the experience the college golf and get the opportunity to go pro. Get a good education in a very nice environment.
Get a top education while playing the sport I love!

College Goals?

Be the best student-athlete in my college and represent it in the best possible way.
Win a regional and a national championship.
Be involved in community work.



International high School. Caracas, Venezuela.

Graduation 2024
Instituto Cumbres de Caracas High School

Instituto Cumbres de Caracas (or I.C.C.) I am entering my senior year at Colegio Cumbres de Caracas in Caracas, Venezuela. This prestigious private school located in the heart of the capital of Venezuela has been my 2nd home ever since 1st grade entering middle school, I've had the privilege of studying there and has helped me reach my potential in key areas of my life.