Imogen Gillgrass

Field Hockey
August 10, 2002


About Athlete

My aim is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have had a number of great experiences which have developed my ability and also motivated me to work hard in both areas to achieve my desired goals. I hope to make a real impact on the college team I represent as I think that I have the necessary qualities such as leadership, dynamism, team ethic and the desire to succeed, which would aid my personal development as well as that of the team. I am a committed member of my club and school team, always attending training at every opportunity; I love the physical and mental demands that the game presents; the challenges drive and inspire me to work harder in all aspects of my life.


IGCSE English Language A

IGCSE English Literature A*

IGCSE Mathematics C

IGCSE Biology C

IGCSE Chemistry C

IGCSE Physics C

GCSE Art, Craft and Design A

IGCSE Geography B

IGCSE Religious Studies C

IGCSE Spanish C

1st 4 sport Level 3 Diploma in Sporting Excellence

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

I preferably play in a centre midfield attacking position, however am adaptable and have played in half back positions and as a forward for England. I like to play in the midfield role as I think it showcases my strengths well, as my fitness and physicality are some of my strongest areas. Doing athletics competitively in the off season enhances my ability to maintain the required basal fitness and allows me to work on my explosive strength and speed. This makes me different from other players as I can continue to play and perform at a high intensity throughout the game. I have just retained my place in the England U18 squad for the upcoming season (2019-20) so am looking forward to how much I can improve and what this year will hold for my hockey.

Results from yo yo fitness testing gave me a score of 16.7


National league conference west champions- promoted to Division 1 North.
West Midlands vs South Midlands 2-1, goals-2
U18 schools cup semi-final 5-4 loss, goals-3
West Midlands vs Reading 4-0, goals-2, assists-1
West Midlands vs Nottingham 2-1, goals-1
Pre-season National league tournament, goals-3
England White vs England Red 2-1
England White vs Scotland U17s 5-0 goals-1, assists-2
Mercia Lynx vs Wales 2-1, goals-1
Mercia Lynx vs Scotland 1-1 assists-1

2017-18 season:
West Midlands vs Reading 5-1, assists-1, goals-3,
West Midlands vs South Midlands 7-0, assists-1, goals 4, England u16’s vs Ulster - 2-1, assists-1
England u16’s vs Ulster - 4-0, assists-2
England u16’s vs Ulster- 4-1, assists- 2, goals-1,
Belgium vs England U16’s- 1-2, assists-1
Belgium vs England U16’s- 4-2, assists-1

2016-2017 season:
Futures cup final- winners- Mercia Lynx vs Pennine Pumas 2-0- assists- 2,
Futures cup group game, Mercia Lynx vs Saxon Tigers 1-0, assists- 1

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Additional sporting info

I have also represented my county for 1500m and cross country. As well as being county champion in the 2019 athletics season at 400m and 800m. This was a big achievement for me as I only started the 400m 2months before the county championships.

Personal Best

City of Worcester Sport Awards 2018- Junior Female Sports person of the year. I also sing to a high standard and find it a great release of energy and also as a way of relaxing. I completed my grade 8 with distinction in 2018, and am currently working towards my diploma.

What makes you different?

I have always had competitiveness as a quality that drives my determination in every aspect of my sport and academic life. This along with other attributes including my passion, friendliness and natural born ability to lead, allow me to be fun and uplift morale if it’s low but also can focus and motivate a team when it is needed. These attributes make me stand out on and off the pitch and I think this makes me easy to work with both fellow players and coaches.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Since I was young I have always wanted to go to an American University, and continue to play at a high level at the sport that I love, whilst also gaining qualifications that will help me throughout my academic career. I love being away from home and having new experiences and meeting new types of people who can all educate me in things that we may do differently but can grown together and improve on. I want to work with some of the best coaches in America so that they can help me be the best version of myself and so that I can help bring my college to victory.

College Goals?

There are many fields of study that I am particularly interested in, and will fully commit to a subject once I am at university where I can see for myself what I am most passionate about. I take English Literature, Geography and Physical Education, all of which I find exciting in their own individual ways. I am also currently taking a level 3 diploma in sporting excellence for hockey, which I am really enjoying. I love working with people, and being active so I will hope to try and incorporate that into my career choice.
My goals for hockey are to get to the highest level I am capable of by consistently pushing myself in every aspect of the game, on and off the pitch. I know that I will be able to make a real impact on the college team I represent and my natural leadership qualities will be able to flourish.


The King’s School Worcester