Isabella Venter

July 24, 2003


About Athlete

I have been passionate about tennis from a young age and together with that I take my academics very seriously. I work hard to achieve my goals in both areas. Furthermore, team work has played a significant role in my life and I would love to represent a college team in the sport I have dedicated my time to while also prioritizing my academic studies.


UTR: 8.3

ITF Junior: 1274 (Highest 1165 Jan 2020)


  • Senior: 44
  • U/18: 26



  • South African National Championships: Quarterfinal Girls u/16


  • South African Schools u/17 (National Schools Team)
  • ITF Junior Grade A Cape Town: Round of 16


  • ITF Junior Grade 4 Potchefstroom Week 1: Quarterfinal Doubles
  • ITF Junior Grade 5 Potchefstroom Week 2: Semi-final Doubles


  • In the quarterfinal of the J5 ITF in Durban ( January 2021 ), I beat Erin Mckenzie - UTR: 8.89 at the time.
  • South African National Championships ( April 2021 ):  Top 10 u/18 girls singles | Semifinalist u/18 girls doubles 

Number 1 in my school team, 3 years in a row. My school team has won our premier league for the past 4 years.

My school team: top 5 at the most exclusive school tennis tournaments in RSA - Gerrie Berner and Amanda Coetzer.

Personal Best

UTR: 8.3

ITF Junior: 1274 (Highest 1165 Jan 2020)

What makes you different?

I thrive under pressure. I flourish when I work hard and I’m dedicated to keep improving and to keep growing on and off the tennis court. I’m a natural leader and love interacting with people. My strength is my mind, mental toughness is a vital aspect of life for me and I believe with the right mindset you can achieve anything.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I love playing in a team, working with people to achieve a common goal and grow together and support each other. As tennis is mostly an individual sport , the idea of playing tennis as a team sport in college really appeals to my passions. I would like to take my tennis career to the next level and compete at the high level college tennis offers. I strive to keep learning and to keep getting better and I know college tennis will give me that opportunity.

College Goals?

By the end of my college experience I want to play number 1 for my team and get the exposure to play some high level tournaments outside of college.

Pass my degree after 4 years with grades above 75%/ GPA above 3.

Anything else we should know?

I was selected as Deputy Head Girl at my school. I’m part of 8 Senior Leaders on the School Student Representative Body.
I’m captain of my school tennis team.