Jack Dickson

Track and Field
January 5, 2003


About Athlete

I have unrivaled drive and determination on the track and in the classroom. My aim is to medal at conference and NCAA championships whilst continuing to maintain a high GPA. I believe I have the talent and potential to do this and so do the British Athletics who have recently recruited me onto the Youth Talent Programme.


Geography: 9
History: 8
English Language: 7
English Literature: 7
Mathematics: 7
Computer Science: 7
Physical Education: 7
Physics: 6
Chemistry: 6
Biology: 6


UK rankings by year

2019: (u17)

800m - 19th 

400m - 12th

1500m - 28th

2018: (u17)

800m - 55th

400m - 94th

1500m - 255th

2017: (u15)

800m - 37th

300m - 54th

1500m - 151st



Jan-March Trained to Improve endurance for Track Season

• South of England cross country relays - 20th fastest time of the day, 3.5km, 11:24

• Reigate holly run - 5th, 5km, 17:32 

• Middlesex schools (regional qualifiers for English schools nationals) - 1st in Age Group, 7.3km, 25:50 

• English cross country nationals - 153rd, 7km, 26:48 

• English schools cross country championships - 1st in age group, 7km, 24:40 


400m - 50.16

800m - 1:55.30

1500m - 4:01

800m Middlesex Schools Championships 1st place [Barnet]

800m Surrey County Championships 1st place [Kingston]

800m British Milers Club C race 1st place [Brighton]

800m Selected for New Balance English Schools track and field national championships

400m Southern Athletics League 1st place [Yeovil]

400m Surrey County Championships 2nd place [Kingston]

1500m British Milers Club B race 5th Place [Eltham]

1500m Selected for England Athletics Championships 

Mile Dave Clark Mile 7th place [Wimbledon]

4x400m fastest leg of British schools record (49.2 split) [London Diamond League]

XC selected for New Balance English Schools national XC championships

XC Part of London Youth Games team for Richmond. Team placed 1st


400m - 52.1

800m - 1:58.68

1500m - 4:20

800m South of England Inter-counties 3rd place [Lee valley]

800m British Milers club F race 1st place [Brighton]

800m Surrey County Championships 2nd place [Kingston]

800m Middlesex Schools Championships 2nd place [Barnet]

800m Selected for 800m England Athletics Championships

400m Surrey County Championships 6th place [Kingston]

1500m Kinaird and Sward Trophy 1st place [Kingston]

XC selected to represent Surrey county at inter-counties XC


300m - 38.16

800m - 2:04.00

1500m - 4:29

800m Middlesex Schools Championships 1st place [Hendon]

800m Surrey County Championships 1st Place [Kingston]

800m British Milers Club G race 4th Place [Brighton]

800m Selected for New Balance English Schools track and field national championships

800m Selected for 800m England Athletics Championship

300m UK Youth Development league 1st place [Crawley]

300m Ebbisham Boys league 1st place [Coulsdon]

1500m UK Youth Development league 1st place [Kingston]

XC selected for New Balance English Schools XC national championships

High school teams

Captained Grey Court track and field team to four consecutive District titles (2016-2019)


Anchor Leg for Grey Court 4x400m which was a British Schools u17 record (49.2 400m split)


Captained Grey Court intermediate boys track and field team to a 4th place finish in the New Balance English Schools track and field cup, the best finish our school has ever achieved.


Captained Grey Court to the New Balance English Schools cross country cup final, the first time the school qualified for a national final in any sport.

District schools team

Represented Richmond district at Middlesex schools county championships;

Won 2 county titles in the 800m in 2019 (u17) and 2017 (u15) and runner up in 2018 (u17)

Scored 4 times at county cross country championships, 1st home for Richmond in 2017 and 2018, 2nd home in 2019, gaining selection for New Balance English Schools cross country national championships in 2017 and 2019

County Schools team

2 times selection for New Balance English Schools track and field national championships in the 800m for Middlesex county (2017, 2019)

2 times selection for New Balance English Schools cross country national championships for Middlesex county (2017, 2019)

Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers teams

Selection for Senior track and field team in British and Southern Athletics League fixtures in the 400m, 800m and 1500m

Anchor leg for the u17 4x400m winning Surrey County championships 2019

Surrey County team

2 times selection to compete at the inter-counties track and field championships in the 800m and 4x400m (2018,2019) selection also in the 400m (2019)

Selection to compete at the inter-counties cross country championships in 2018


Awards, press

Winner of the Jack Petchey award - this is an award which celebrates “outstanding young people” in London. I was nominated for this award by multiple members of my club based on my work ethic, commitment and achievements. From this award I won a large sum of money for the athletics club which I chose to spend on new vests that young athletes can borrow to make joining and competing for Kingston AC more accessible.

Grey Court School awards

Sports awards:

2015 - Dedication and commitment award

2016 - Sporting achievement award

2017 - Athletics athlete of the year

2018 - Outstanding performance athletics

2019 - Outstanding performance athletics

2019 - Outstanding performance cross country


2017 - Physical education student of the year

2018 - Silver standard in the UK junior maths challenge

2019 - Geography student of the year

Additional sporting info

After my significant improvements and high rankings in the 2019 season, along with their evaluation of my potential, British Athletics has selected me for the British Athletics Youth Talent Programme. This helps develop young athletes with great potential into senior international athletes with targets of winning global medals. The programme leads to a qualification in sporting excellence and teaches me a range of skills aimed to enhance longer term performance and transition into senior athletics including nutrition, recovery, lifestyle, psychology and race preparation. I believe the knowledge from this programme will equip me with the skills to train and perform with a professional approach and mindset at college.

What makes you different?

I have the drive, diligence, potential and ability to bring success for the team, programme and school at a collegiate level. I am one of the few athletes in the UK to have been selected by British Athletics for the UK Youth Talent Programme. This validates my potential to be an extremely successful athlete.

What makes me different to other athletes, even athletes that are also on programmes such as this, is the range of distances I can currently race at a national standard competitively, stretching across the 400, 800 and 1500. I believe this versatility would maximise potential of scoring at conference and NCAA championships. Although track is what I’m best at, I also run cross country at a competitive level, being selected and scoring for my County at national events. I am exceptionally committed and hard working. I am dedicated to overcoming any obstacles in the way of achieving success. I have to complete the majority of my training sessions away from the track on my own and I always make sure these are done to the highest standard. These factors set me apart from others and would allow me to meet the demands of college training and competing schedules, whilst also excelling in my studies.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College athletics would provide me with a valuable opportunity to compete in a team. The team set up and atmosphere is something athletics in the UK lacks. This makes the collegiate structure of running to contribute to the team performance and targets - and not just yourself - a very exciting prospect. Also, I believe I would thrive under the expertise and coaching that NCAA programmes offer. With a structured timetable, a strong team to train with and a high level of competition, I think my performance would improve greatly. Being an international student, I believe I would contribute to the diversity of the college track team, bringing cross-cultural experience. Finally, college athletics would provide me with an unrivaled opportunity to set my own individual targets such as significant personal bests, national medals and excel as a junior athlete on a college team.

College Goals?

I have many aims for college both athletically and academically. Firstly, my athletic targets would be to score at conference and NCAA championships, as well as achieving podium positions and all conference/ all American honours. My academic targets share the same strive for excellence; I want to keep my high GPA, gain all conference academic honours and graduate with a top degree in a area I feel passionately about. Overall, I want to better myself, develop my weaknesses and become an outstanding young adult.

Anything else we should know?

My dedication and commitment are demonstrated by my achievement of becoming a Wimbledon Ball Boy for the 2017 championships. This is a highly prestigious role that requires a full year of multiple training sessions each week, physical and academic tests and making it through cuts which narrows applicants down from over 1000 to around 125 ball boys/girls. Whilst at the championships I maintained an excellent work ethic and high levels of discipline. This was recognised as I was not cut and made it onto Center Court for the 2017 men’s final.

The New Balance English Schools track and field national championships took place at the same time as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

I was selected to represent Middlesex in the 800m at the national championships. Wimbledon agreed to grant me leave from ball-boying for two days to compete. This meant a lot to me as I had been working very hard to balance my track training around the ball boy training. As well as this, I had a set of important exams the week before both the nationals and Wimbledon. I also revised for these diligently around training and performed excellently in them.

This tricky combination of achievements helped me develop skills that I continue to use to help me balance training and academic studies. The experience also helped me learn to perform under pressure, carrying out difficult tasks precisely and calmly in front of audiences of thousands of people.



Grey Court School