Jacob Christensen

May 13, 2001


About Athlete

Throughout my entire childhood both academics and sports have been important to me. The possibility of combining these two parts of me, in an American college is the dream. I went on a youth exchange last year, to Washington, USA. This being the best year of my life so far, makes me want to come back to continue this.   



History 2: 5

Physical Education 3: 5

Marketing & Management 2: 5

Mathematics S2: 4

Norwegian Oral: 5

Norwegian Written: 5

Norwegian Written, 2 language: 4

Religion and Ethics: 6

English Social Studies Written: 5

English Social Studies Oral: 6

German: 3


High School Season Washington State, 2018/2019, 10-0. 

Districts Championship, October 2018, two rounds, total score: +14.

State Championship, 21 of May 2019, two rounds, total score: +21.

*Due to the Corona Virus all tournaments have been canceled, and more tournaments will be added as soon as possible.

Additional sporting info

58 wedge: 65-70 meters

54 wedge: 75-85 meters

52 wedge: 100-110 meters

Pitch: 120-130 meters

9 iron: 135-145 meters

8 iron: 150-160 meters

7 iron: 165-175 meters

6 iron: 175-185 meters

5 iron: 185-195 meters

4 iron: 200-210 meters

3 iron: 210-220 meters

3 wood: 230 – 240 meters

Driver: 250-270 meters

Personal Best

Average: 26 putts, 13/18 GIR, 7/12 Fairway hits

What makes you different?

I have what it takes to become a college golfer because of my long experience. I have already played school golf in America, and I am a decent student, who is able to perform both on the golf course and in the classroom.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The main reason is that I have a passion for golf, and it is one of my dreams. Another reason is that many of my friends, both Norwegian and American play sports, and golf is one of the sports played the most.

College Goals?

Sporting wise and academically, I want to develop my golfing skills into becoming a decent college golf player. To me academics are important, and I want to earn a degree within business, finance or economics.

Anything else we should know?

I have a huge passion for helping others and the inspiration of traveling internationally.