José Manuel Adame González Valle

Rocket league
September 18, 2003


About Athlete

My name is Jose Adame, I live in Mexico and I play some tournaments here in Mexico, I want to go to play Esports and study the university, I want to get to the most important tournament in rocket league called CRL



SAT Total Score
Score: 810

60/100 it’s my team right now I have in there like 6 months


We played the fall qually, and we ended in day 1 but we were 1 match to day 2, in day 2 they are only 42 teams left, so we ended in a good position.

Additional sporting info

Im SSL, know what I’m doing and I enjoy the game a lot.

Personal Best

My personal best is Super Sonic Legend MMR 1940

What makes you different?

That I enjoy a lot the game, I’m very consistent, know what I’m doing and what to do, also my kickoffs are very solids.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I want to study and play my favorite game I think it’s the best thing I can do and want to do.

College Goals?

My college goal is to get to CRL the biggest tournament of college in rocket league, and also a goal I have in collage is to have good grades.



Irish institute Mexico


Im actually in that school, and this year in going to finish it.




Small tournaments

This year
We don’t play a lot of tournaments of money because in Mexico there are not a lot of tournaments with a lot of money, and also we sometimes play USA tournaments.