James Campbell

December 26, 2002


About Athlete

I am a highly driven athlete, striving to play at the highest level with a strong determination to improve in all areas, on and off the court.


Positions: Combo Guard | Wing


Average 25ppg in most recent season
19ppg improvement over one offseason
Bench Press – 85kg
Squat – TBC
5km Running Time – 19:09

Scoring leader [2020]

ROTY at club [2019]

Hit season high of 28pts m

Additional sporting info


Personal Best


What makes you different?

I’m a hard-working hustler who is more than willing to do the dirty work on the court. Whether it’s diving for loose balls or boxing out a 7-footer, the stat sheet is irrelevant if I am helping to win the game. I have grown up playing mostly outdoors in cold or rain and I see an indoor gym as a luxury. Due to my will to improve I am a very coachable player and will do whatever it takes to develop my craft. Basketball in the UK – especially in Scotland – is small, and not very well funded. I didn’t have many friends who played. This means that I spend hours by myself working to my goals. Started playing competitive relatively late to most people, but I was able to keep up and even thrive while playing through the work that I’d put in each day. I go to the gym every day in order to build strength, power, improve reaction time and improve speed.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have an incredibly strong passion for basketball and to play at the highest level possible is my dream. I always want to find ways to improve and grow as a player and competing at college level will be the best way to do so. I want to play professional basketball once again at the highest level after getting a degree.

College Goals?

Receive a good education and help my team to win games. I want to be an impact player whose presence is always felt on the court. I want to improve greatly as a player and overall mature as a person.

Anything else we should know?

U16s School Athletics Championship (specializing in high jump, long jump and 200m), Played rugby since age of 7, Scottish junior fencing champion + judo + football/soccer (hand eye coord).