James Ferguson

March 31, 2004


About Athlete

Soccer is my passion. I dream of becoming not only a successful athlete but a successful student. I share the same drive for my studies as I do for soccer. I lead by example and help those around me both on the field and in the classroom. As I am very hardworking and focused on achieving great things, I would be an asset to any college.


High School Grades
Math A, English A, Physical education A, Physics C, Travel and tourism A. Achieved national 5 English, achieved national 5 Physical education.


Rangers youth academy elite training 2011
Scotland boys club 2011(captain)
Signed with rangers 2012 u9s
Rangers u10s
Rangers u11s
Rangers u12s
Rangers u13s
Scotland boys club u14s (captain)
Cumbernauld colts u14s 12 goals 14 assists
Giffnock north u15s g/a 4 goals/15 assists
Giffnock north u16s g/a 3 goals / 7 assists


2015 Belfast tournament winner with Rangers 2018 Cumbernauld colts festival winner 2019 league winner PJDYFL 2019 west region cup winner 2019 league cup winner 2019 Glasgow cup winner 2020 league winners PJDYFL 2020 west region cup winner 2020 league cup winner

Additional sporting info

Positions: CM | CDM |CAM (versatile across front 3)

Personal Best

Player of the year x3 Scotland boys club

What makes you different?

I am a hardworking and determined individual both on and off the pitch. I am goal driven, striving towards achieving my goals. I am willing to put in the extra effort to improve for myself and my team. I am a team player, who leads by example, being Captain in previous teams. I ensure my standards are high at all times, giving 100% of my ability, whether in football or an acad- emic setting.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It would be an amazing opportunity to compete for a top ranked college. Not only would I work hard to achieve my own sporting and academic goals, but would contribute to the goals of the college I represent.

College Goals?

From a sporting perspective I want to take my skills to the highest possible level, both during and after college. With the dream of taking it to a professional level. Academically I wish to excel at my studies and achieve the best possible grades.

Anything else we should know?

In 2020 I was named as a school prefect to represent my school.



St. Andrews RC Secondary

Graduation year 2022