Jasmine Walia

Women's Soccer
January 3, 2007


About Athlete

My name is Jasmine Walia and I am a technical player from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I graduate in 2024 but because I am an 07 and am one year ahead in school, I am planning on taking a gap year and entering university in fall 2025 with the rest of the 2007 age group. I currently play club soccer for the Calgary Foothills 07 AYSL Girls team (Alberta Youth Soccer League – highest level of play) and played for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Calgary Caps to College Girls academy team (18 prospects selected across the 07, 06, and 05 age groups in Calgary) for the 2022-23 season before the Whitecaps program shut down in Alberta. I am strong academically, as I had a 95% overall in grade ten, and an 85% overall in grade eleven. I strive to excel in both my academics and soccer. In addition, I think an attribute that sets me apart from other players is my technical ability on the ball, range of passing, and my speed of play. I am very coachable, and I am a leader on and off the field. I have a strong work ethic and will always give 100%. I am interested in pursuing biology and would like to play soccer at a school that provides strong competition, academically and athletically.


Grade 10 overall average: 95% (all Advanced Placement (AP) classes)
Grade 11 overall average: 85% (enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) Biology and Chemistry)
Grade 12: in progress

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score
ACT Score

Calgary Foothills 2007 AYSL Girls - current club team (2022 - current)
- Starter at Right/Left Fullback
- Plays under Alberta Youth Soccer League (AYSL) - provincial league (highest level of play)
- Outdoor 2022 AYSL Champions
- Indoor 2022/2023 AYSL Champions
- Outdoor 2023 AYSL Champions
- 3x AYSL League Champions
- 3x AYSL Provincial Champions

Nike Team Canada Elite XI 05/06 Girls - current travel team (April 2023 - current)
- The squad comprises sixteen 05/06 (I am playing 1-2 years up) invited female players across Canada to compete in the highly esteemed 2023 Surf Cup Showcase in San Diego, California and other showcase events
- Captain and starter at right fullback

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Calgary Caps to College (C2C) Girls (2022/2023 academy team)
- Made up of 18 prospects across the 2007, 2006, and 2005 age groups in my city (invite-only programming)
- Starter at right fullback
- Called-up to train with the Vancouver Whitecaps Southern Alberta REX (Regional Excel Program) Program
- Attended the Vancouver Whitecaps National Academy Centre Combine 2023 - invite-only combine for all the Whitecaps REX teams across Canada and the Whitecaps C2C Calgary team
- Alberta Soccer did not renew the Whitecaps system for the 2023/2024 season, so the programming shut down across Alberta

Additional sporting info


Colin Mackay
Foothills 07 AYSL Club Coach

Tina Cook
Whitecaps REX/C2C Coach

Personal Best

Soccer Honours:

- Offered a $60,000 scholarship to Black Rock Football Club in New Hampshire, United States affiliated with the preparatory school, High Mowing School, to play soccer - I declined the scholarship (September 2023)

- Invited to the NIKE TEAM CANADA ELITE XI 2005/2006 GIRLS SQUAD (April 2023 - current) - The squad comprises sixteen 05/06 (I am playing a year up) invited female players across Canada to compete in the highly esteemed 2023 Surf Cup Showcase in San Diego, California and other showcase events
("The NIKE Team Elite XI – Canada Program unites top-performing athletes from across the country, with the aim of offering unparalleled opportunities
and experiences. Specifically designed for players with exceptional skills and capabilities, the program seeks to identify and showcase individuals who possess the potential to excel at the College/University and/or at the professional levels both in North America and abroad.")

- Vancouver Whitecaps FC Southern AB Girls REX (Regional Excel Program) Call-Ups (2023)

- Valencia CF Youth Academy Boarding School Selection Invite (December 2022) - Invited to the Valencia CF youth team in Quebec, Canada affiliated with the boarding school: Collège Bourget

- Invited to a Vancouver Whitecaps FC Overnight Camp in Vancouver, BC, CAN (August 2022) - Invited to an invite-only Whitecaps FC youth overnight camp.

- CSHSAA (Calgary Senior High School Athletics Association) Girls Soccer All-Star Selects Athlete Award (January 2022) One recipient from each Calgary high school - Jasmine Walia Winner for James Fowler High School

- Alberta Whitecaps FC Academy Player of the Month (November 2021)

- Invited to the 2007 Canadian FC Barcelona Youth Academy team to compete in the Las Americas Cup in the Dominican Republic (July 2020)

- Invited into the Barca-Academy Alberta team (FC Barcelona provincial team) to compete in the Canadian National FC Barcelona Academy tournament in Toronto CAN (June 2020)

- Selected and Invited to a FC Barcelona ID camp in Spain (May 2020)- Invited to an invite-only FC Barcelona youth ID camp through the FC Barcelona Youth Academy.

What makes you different?

- Technical ability on the ball - ball mastery and technical details
- Vision - I can see pockets of space to play the ball to create opportunities for my forwards
- Range of passing - I am able to play different types of passes accurately and with precision
- Speed of play - I make quick-decisions on the field
- Reading the play - I begin my runs earlier to properly position myself on defense
- I create a competitive environment to push myself and the other players around me and I am a team player
- I am very coachable and take feedback to continuously grow as a person and a player

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to take my soccer skill to the highest possible level that I can to know that I have fulfilled my goal within the sport. I would like to experience an NCAA D1 environment that not many Canadian players have the opportunity to experience while being in an environment where every player is focused on the collective goal of achieving something from the game.

College Goals?

- Play at an NCAA Division 1 institution
- Become an impact player
- Succeed on the field and in the classroom

Anything else we should know?

After having sports depression two years ago, I have cognized the fragility of self confidence which has made me very mentally resilient. I have a strong mentality.



Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School


Grade eleven completed and currently in grade twelve.


James Fowler High School


Completed grade ten here. Prior to my grade eleven year, we moved houses so my school designation changed.




Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School Honour Roll

Above an overall 80% academic average

James Fowler High School Mathematics 10C Award

June 2022
- I was in Advanced Placement (AP) math Semester 1- 100% average Semester 2- 99% average - Award for the individual with the highest Mathematics 10C average in grade ten

Colonel Macleod School Respect Award Winner

June 2021
Colonel Macleod School Student-of-the-Year award recipient for Respect

Colonel Macleod School Determination Award Winner

Colonel Macleod School Student-of-the-Year award recipient for Determination