Javier Nguyen

September 23, 2001


About Athlete

My name is Javier Nguyen, I’m a 19 years old golfer, and I’m 187cm (6’2) tall. I studied at Hills College/Hills golf academy for three years, I graduated from Hills in 2018 and for the past 3 years I’ve been working on my golf game that is good enough for college level competitions and I now believe it is good enough to compete. I have played in many tournaments’ overseas which has given me the experience and knowledge of travel and how tournaments operate overseas. I was the house captain during school so I believe I would be able to leave a good impact on the college team I will represent.


High School Grades

English: C

Geography: C-

Maths A: C

Science 21: B-

Health & Physical education: B+



Hills Golf Academy

Tournament Scoring Average: 74


  • 2019 Vietnam Amateur Open T5 72, 74, 74, 72 7,125 yards
  • 2019 Vietnam Junior Amateur Open T9 78, 75, 77, 76 7,125 yards
  • 2021 Sir Manual Hornibrook Memorial Jug 4th place 75 6,723 yards
  • 2021 Wayne Grady Cup T6 73, ,76 6,690 yards
  • 2021 Coca Cola Carbrook Classic 5th place 80, 71 6,721 yards

Club Distances

Driver: 290 yards

3 wood: 251 yards

Hybrid: 235 yards

4 iron: 218 yards

5 iron: 202 yards

6 iron: 192 yard

7 iron: 175 yards

8 iron: 170 yards

9 iron: 155 yards

Pitching: 143 yards

Wedges: 120 yards

Additional sporting info

I have played in many tournaments in many countries as a junior, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam, these tournaments have given me the travel experience and how tournaments in other countries operate.

Instagram: @Javier_nguyen

What makes you different?

I studied and stayed at the Hills Golf Academy / Hills College for 3 years so I'm used to living away from home and I competed in events overseas as a Junior in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam which most other student athletes will not get that opportunity at such a young age.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Since I started golf at Hills College, I’ve found it inspiring that my friends and other athletes around the world go to University in America to get a degree or try and do their best in their desired sport and compete against other colleges, and just to do that in the United States I’ve always wanted to experience University life in the U.S. and to compete at a college level.

College Goals?

I would just love to study and get a degree and at the same time experience what the U.S. is like and play college level golf.

Anything else we should know?

During my final year of school, I was the House Captain of my house team and I was also the treasurer of the interact club at Hills College.