Jacob Christian Ludwig Nicklas Nilsson

Track and Field
June 3, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Jacob Nilsson and I’m a track and field athlete from Sweden (Sparvagens FK). My objective for my college experience is to train and compete Track and Field at a high and competitive level, while getting a high level education. I believe that I would have a great development both educational and athletic, if I were to study at college.



SAT Total Score

I have competed for Sparvagens FK since 2017. In the beginning I competed in decathlon and became a full time thrower in 2020. My first throwing coach was Daniel Stahl’s old coach who also competes for Sparvagens Fk.


U 18 Finnkampen 2022, Swe vs Fin, Disucs, 47.30

U 18 indoor Swedish Nationals, weight-throw, 3rd place 15.52
U 18 indoor Swedish Nationals, Shot put, 4th place 14.93
U 18 outdoor Swedish Nationals, discus, 4th place 44.75

Additional sporting info

When I was 13-14 yrs. old I was a part of the Nordic capital school game. This is a yearly event where all the Nordic countries come along to each other's capitals and compete in football, handball and track and field. The second year I was the team captain for track and field and had the best score amongst the Swedes.

Personal Best

Weight-throw 17.01m(11.34kg)
Discus 53.83m (1kg),
Discus 47.58m (1.5kg)
Discus 46.82m (1,75kg)
Shot-put 14.93m (5kg)
Shot-put 15.04m (6kg)

Benchpress 105kg
Squat 160kg
Deadlift 202,5kg

What makes you different?

I am a big thrower part of the Swedish national team, standing at 6 fett 5 inches with a 6 fett 7 inches long wingspan and I weigh 252 lbs. I have big goals in life, I want to be a pro athlete at the same time as I want to start my own company in the future and run that parallel to my training. Once I have set a goal in my life I do whatever it takes to achieve it. That also includes my training. I never skip training even how tired I am. I still do the extra that is not included in my program to get the most out of my training.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have had a big dream since I was a little child, to study at college. I know that I would evolve a lot in college because I get to have training at a high level at the same time as I get great studies. I want to both evolve as an athlete and as an individual. I feel that the states would give me the best conditions to get better results and evolve my throwing.

College Goals?

My goals for college are to become a pro athlete and graduate with an economy/ business economy degree. After college my goals are to keep training and competing track to be a part of the 2028/2032 olympics. I want to become a pro athlete at a high level and be part of big championships. I also want to have a side business connected to my track and field to have something else to focus on the track and field to help reduce stress levels from becoming a pro athlete.





Right now I am studying at Falun track and field high school. I am studying economics and have a GPA of 3.8. My High school is what we call a national sports high school. Which means that I have gotten elected by the national track organization so studie here. There high schools have external classes which are about leadership, my behavior during track and field events and we also study the effects of our surroundings on our performance such as our diet and our sleep. Which we use to study our everyday life and become better athletes. We also take notes of how our training is going and if it goes bad we see if there's any patterns why this happens. At the high school we have signed contracts which prohibits us from drinking alcohol in our apartments which has been given to us by the school.