Jethro Pang

February 5, 1998

About Athlete

I have played at a top division 2 winning institution and I’m looking to finish my collegiate career at an institution which can provide me the platform to facilitate my growth into the sort of player and person which would allow me to thrive in the professional environment. My goal is to enter the professional game upon the completion of my collegiate career.


GPA - 3.4


Trophy and Awards

NCAA DII National Champions(2017-2018)(Most recent)

Nike Cup Runner Up

English FA Youth Alliance 1st place

Key Skills

Technicality is the best attribute of my game(First touch, Passing variety, passing range)

Ambidexterity(Both footedness) in all areas of the game, i.e. crossing, shooting, passing

Good tactical knowledge of the game due to coaching experience

Playing with purpose(End product)


Composure, comfortable playing with back to defender

High work rate (Tracking back, covering, cancelling overloads)(Average 10.7km per full game played)

What makes you different?

Having been brought up from a very complicated and multicultural background, I’ve seen and experienced many events that the normal person wouldn’t in their life. But this eccentricity in experience brought a sense of grounded-ness into my life; but more importantly the ability to adapt to foreign environments.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Conciliate studies with sports, because this sort of opportunity isn’t available in foreign countries.

College Goals?

Having won the Division 2 title 2 seasons ago, I’d like to take on new challenges. But obviously, also achieving good grades academically.

Anything else we should know?

Interests: Football(Soccer), Finance, Philosophy, Public Speaking, Self development, Fitness, Nutrition & Biomechanics, and Music.