JL van Rensburg

Track and Field
August 5, 2005


About Athlete

My name is JL van Rensburg. I am a christian and God is the centre of my decisions and values. My objective for college is to get my degree and become a professional athlete. I am disciplined, goal-oriented and strive to improve my abilities as student and athlete. I know that chasing my dreams would mean that I must go to a world class college that matches my values and belief. Even if it is not always easy, I know it is possible. If it was easy, everyone would have done it.




South Africa U/20
Gauteng U/20
Gauteng U/18


A. Shot put:
1. u/20 African Games - Gold
2. u/20 ASA National Championship - Gold
3. u/20 SA School Championship - Gold
4. Obtained gold in almost every competitions I was part of.

B. Discus:
1. u/20 African Games - Silver
2. u/20 SA School Championship - Silver
3. Placed in the top 3 in most of the competitions I competed in.

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Additional sporting info

I have played rugby up to grade 10.
Then made the decision to mainly focus on athletics and academics.

Personal Best

Shot put:
1) 6kg - 18.97 m
2) 5kg - 19.75m

1) 1.75kg - 50.10m
2) 1.5kg - 51.43m

What makes you different?

I am currently the head boy of my school, meaning several people saw leadership skills and the ability to work under intense situations and still make the smarter decision, in me. I also do not fall under the temptation of drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or vaping. I am anchored in my core believes as a christian and will not change under the influence or pressure from a friend or group of people. In my perspective integrity, respect and discipline is the key values in making a success in life. When I make a decision or set a goal I tend on working till it is finished or accomplished. I choose to surround myself with positive and goal-oriented people. I have been in a hostel (more than 745 miles from my home) since grade 8. That indicates I am independent and take my own responsibilities as a young man. I compete with pride for my school (soon college) and humility against my competitors.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe a college with good facilities, coaching and training will take my sport abilities to the next level. Competing in college gives me the opportunity to represent a college with the same core values as myself. This will motivate me to compete with pride and confidence for my college.

College Goals?

My primary goal in college is to get a degree in the major that I am studying. Leading to a well paid job after college. My secondary goal is to become a professional athlete, in shot put specifically. With discipline, hard work and dedication it would be possible while I am in college. My daily goals is to grow and evolve as a person through Christ that guides me.