João Pedro Guerino de Camargo

September 14, 2004


About Athlete

I intend to study at a good university and be able to improve my tennis skills as well. I’m a really hard worker and I will do my best to help the team and get good grades on my exams.

SAT Total Score
Superscore: 1470
TOEFL Total Score
Duolingo Score: 125


National ranking: 60

International Ranking (Cosat): 65


Champion of 7 state championships


Finalist of 1 National Championship

2019 16s (first year)

Semi final of Uruguay Bowl(COSAT)

3 Quarter finals of COSAT tournaments

Eddie herr: Qualyfing 2nd round

0x6 6x4 10x6 (W) against Adam Lynch (11 UTR)

Casely International CHAMPION

Additional sporting info

I go to the gym every day for at least two hours, as I work really hard on my physical improvement because I believe it's essential for a better performance on the tennis court.

As a kid I've played soccer and participated in some swimming competitions.

What makes you different?

I consider myself as a hard working athlete as I fight really hard for what I'm involved with. I am super competitive, so I never give up. I have a history of great comebacks from difficult situations in which have made me realize to stay focused on the ultimate goal and always look at things from a positive perspective.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play college tennis because the college tour has proved to be extremely competitive and I am sure that it is the best way to improve my tennis skills by being exposed to the highest level and give me the experience I would never have had here in Brazil.

College Goals?

I want to play championships representing my team and be able to bring good results. Regarding academics, I've always been a good student at school and I aim to be among the best students of my class.