Joao Pombal

Track & Field
February 29, 2000


About Athlete

I think is important for me and my future to meet other people and ways of life.  So, I decided to cross the Atlantic and see with my own eyes why the USA is great. Special in college sports. The USA also has excellent colleges. So, I want to offer my sports talents to one of these schools and help It to improve its college sports results. And I want to graduate myself at the same time. And You can count on me for both goals, sport, and graduation.

English 12, Portuguese 11, philosophy 13, history 15, geography 14, spanish 13, sociology 17.
Course: languages and humanities (average 14)

First year in college (ismai)
First semester ( all complete)

Human anatomy 15, track and field (theory)16, motor development and learning 15, combat sports 15, soccer (theory) 13, gymnastics 14, history of physical education 10, principles of scientific research 13.


June 2015 – 1.68m (3 place in the national youth Olympic);

June 2016 – 1.78m (2 place in the nacional school championship);

May 15, 2016 – 1.82m (1 place in the qualification national youth Olympic);

June 2, 2017 – 1.83m (4 place in the regional junior championship)

May 20, 2018 – 1.88m ( 2 place in the nacional school championship) (world champions in china as a team)

December 14, 2019 – 1.82m (3 place in the cup of Aveiro)

February 1, 2020 – 1.90m ( 3 place in the nacional indoor track club championship)

March 8, 2020 – 1.91m (personal best) (6 place in the nacional indoor track championship of sub-23)

Cross country:

January 2014 - 1 place in the porto district school cross country and clearance for the nacional.

January 2015 – 1 place in the porto district school cross country and clearance for the nacional (19 place)

2 place in the Regional youth championship of cross country 2015
January 2016 - 3 place in the porto district school cross country and clearance for the nacional

November 22, 2017- 2 place in the cross country Marco de canaveses.

2 place heptathlon in the national scholar championship 2017

Track and field: 4x400

1 place in the 1st round of the Aveiro athletics association cup 3:47:17


Additional sporting info

I’m also a horse rider and I was once a registered member in de national federation in Portugal. (Federação Equestre Portuguesa).
Nowadays I don’t ride any more because time isn´t enough but I´m still very attached to horses and obstacles competitions

What makes you different?

When I was 6 my father (a former half-marathonist) put me out off his 4wd car in a mountain track and challenge me to run after him. I run more than one mile only stopped by my mother’s concerns. That’s why I’m different!! I run, jump, ride a horse, a bike or a ocean wave, play collective sports and I’m good with it. That’s why I’m in a sport college here in Portugal. I want to proof myself in USA college sports and complete my graduation at the same time.

Why do you want to compete in college?

it is the best way to achieve my two goals, practice sports and obtain a higher level degree and because American university sports are the best there is and to be competing with the best of the best in the world allow me to have a huge progress.

College Goals?

In sports terms it is always an athlete's dream to become a professional in their sport. As they say, "if your profession is what you like, you don't have to work one day of your life", and i believe that.

In relation to studies, I always had in mind the science of sport as a degree and then a master's degree in physiotherapy. Later, i want build my sports recovery clinic.

it's a giant and difficult dream but possible with hard work.

Anything else we should know?

I basically do everything from the sea, surfing, to the mountains doing mountain bike and hiking trails and short films about it.
I love to dance because I have a streak of dancers in the family and I do back flips.