Joeri Van Tricht

June 23, 1999


About Athlete

Since I first watched a football game on TV at the age of 12, I knew that this was the sport I wanted to excel in. Not simple if you are living in Belgium, where American football is virtually nonexistent. But I was lucky to find a great team with dedicated coaches who taught me the basics of the game.

From flag football over U16 to my final U19 season, I did everything I could to get better and improve my football skills. All of this with one dream, one goal: one day to be able to compete with the best of this magnificent game in the U.S.

Now the time has come to take my dream one step further and move forward to play at the U.S. college level, hoping to find coaches who are ready and willing to work on my weaker points. Because hey, I know I’m far from being perfect.

Are you ready to take the challenge? I definitely am. Together we can.  


Following NCAA guidelines Joeri’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.


December 2018: runners-up in the Belgium's U19 Junior Bowl with the Brussels Football Academy

July 2018: Running Back MVP at Europe Elite's Summer Camp in Vienna (Austria)

June 2018: Winners of the Belgian Bowl (seniors) with the Brussels Black Angels

January 2018: Winner of the TD of the year award for the 2017 U19 competition. Ranked 3rd in the run of the year competition.

December 2017: Winners of Belgium's Junior Bowl with the Brussels Football Academy. Scored at least one TD in each game of the year (regular season up to finals).

June 2017: Winners of the Belgian Bowl (seniors) with the Brussels Black Angels

December 2016: Winners of Belgium's Junior Bowl with the Brussels Football Academy.

November 2015: defeated in semi-finals of Belgium's U19 competition with the Brussels Bulls


What makes you different?

Since I started playing football, I've always played as a RB who specialized in powerful inside runs. Some may call that old school, but I'm proud to be the power back who brings the necessary short yardage for the next down or the 2-pt conversion.

Unlike a lot of other players, I know I'm far from being perfect and I know that I still have a lot to learn. No, I'm not the fastest RB around, nor the most versatile, nor the most technical, nor the best catching. But I'm fearless, ruthless and extemely hard to tackle. And I'm working hard to improve my speed and technique. Most of all, I'm a pure team player who's always ready to go the extra mile for the team.

My play style has earned me the nickname ‘The Buffalo’ from my teammates.

Why do you want to compete in college?

For young European football players, playing football is the ultimate dream. The coaching level is of a much higher standard than in Europe, so it's the place to raise your standards and improve your skills and technique.

Moreover, I'm looking forward to compete with guys who grew up with the sport. For me, competing with players that are better than yourself is the best way to raise your own level.

College Goals?

It 'll be the first time that I'll be studying abroad, which is both exciting and challenging. I hope to get a degree that I'll be able to use when I return to Europe.

I see this also as a major life-enriching experience that will have a huge impact on the person I am.

Anything else we should know?

Whenever I met U.S. coaches, they always stressed that American football is the ultimate team sport. Well, I think that I'm the ultimate team player. Just give me a chance to prove it!