Jonas Aulie

December 2, 2002


About Athlete

Always striving for better. Grinding through the up’s and downs, and never giving up. Chasing my childhood dream while I enjoy the journey.

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Norwegian Champion U15 2017


6th in the Norwegian Ranking U15

2nd in the Norwegian Ranking U14


2nd in the Norwegian Ranking U15


14th Norwegian Men’s Oom Ranking

21th Srixon Tour Oom Ranking U19 (played fewer because of international events)

2019: (Bad year)

37th Srixon Tour Oom Ranking U19


Average score: 79

Handicap: 6,8


2rd Skandia Cup Skaftö GC U13 (Sweden), 07.10.15

6th Skandia Cup Partille GC U13 (Sweden), 08.11.15

8th Junior Tour Bærum GC U18 08.22.15

3rd Suzann Junior Pro Challenge 09.15.15


Average score: 76,74

Handicap: 3,9

6th in the Norwegian Ranking U15


9th - National Series 1 U15, Stavanger

4th - National Series 2 Match play U15, Haugaland (Won the strokeplay qualifier)

3rd - National Series 4 U15, Borre

4th - National Series 5 U15, Salten

4th - National Series 6 U15, Gamle Fredrikstad

1st - National Series 7 U15, Elverum

7th - National Series 9 U15, Kragerø

2nd - Regional Series U15, Haga

2nd - Regional Series U15, Grini

2nd - Skandia Cup District Qualifier U14 (Sweden)

5th - Skandia Cup Regional Qualifier U14 (Sweden)

Qualified for representing Norway in the Nordic Junior Match (best player from the country in each age class)


Average score: 74,4

Handicap: 0,1

2nd in the Norwegian Ranking U15


3rd - National Series 1 U15, Stavanger

2nd - National Series 2 U15, Haugaland

5th - National Series 3 Match play U15, Elverum

1st - The Norwegian Championship Junior U15, Nøtterøy

5th - National Series 5 U15, Losby

2nd - National Series 6 U15, Byneset

3rd - National Series 7 U15, Holtsmark

4th - National Series Final U15, Kragerø

2nd - Callaway Winter Tour U15 La Torre (Spain)

7th - Danish Junior Games U18 (Global Junior Golf)

1st - Regional Series U15, Oslo

1st - Regional Series U15, Kjekstad

2nd - Regional Series U15, Haga

1st - Regional Series U15, Borregaard

1st - Regional Series U15, Onsøy


Average score: 74.06

Handicap: +0,9

14th Norwegian Men’s Ranking

21st Norwegian ranking U19 (Played fewer events due to international tournaments)


4th Regional Series Men, Gamle Fredrikstad

8th National Series Men, Sandnes

6th National Series Junior 1 U19, Sola

9th National Series Men, Solastranden

7th National Series Junior 2 U19, Meland

8th National Series Men, Gamle Fredrikstad

10th National Series Junior 3 U19, Norsjø

MC Nordic Golf League, Gamle Fredrikstad

1st National Boys Team Championship, Solastranden

9th The Norwegian Matchplay Championship (Men’s), Hakadal

15th Stenson Sunesson Junior Challenge U16

13th The Scottish Boys’ U16 Open Championship, Fortrose & Rosemarkie (74-68-70-73)

18th European Young Masters, Hauger

MC Italian Boys U16, Biella (Italy)

30th The Norwegian Men’s Championship (69-79-73-78)

1st European Boys Team Championship U18 Division 2, Hungary

14th Danish Junior Games (Global Junior Golf), Blokhus

2019: (Tough year)

Average score: 76,8

Handicap: +0,2


1st Regional Series Junior U19, Gamle Fredrikstad (67)

1st Regional Series Junior U19, Grini (67)

15th National Series Junior U19, Asker (74-77-70)

1st Regional Series Junior U19, Haga (68)

16th National Series Junior U19, Byneset (79-74-69)

22nd National Series Junior U19, Kragerø (69-81-77)


Average score: 74,84

Handicap: +1,1


14th Portuguese Intercollegiate Open, Penha Longa (73-76-78)

12th Srixon Winter Open, Mar Menor (73-80-70-80)

1st National Series Junior Corona Twist U19, Oslo (74-72-72-71)

14th National Series Junior U19 Vestfold (82-75-70)

12th National Match Play Championship Qualifier, Atlungstad (71)

20th Norwegian Junior Championship U19, Gamle Fredrikstad (78-77-75)

7th National Series Junior U19, Elverum (74-76-73)

12th National Series Men, Hauger (74-76-72)

9th National Series Junior U19, Kragerø (71-75-72)

9th Regional Series Junior U19, Oslo (73)

Club distances

Driver: 255m/278y

3-wood: 230m/251y

2-iron: 210m/229y

4-iron: 190m/207y

5-iron: 180m/196y

6-iron: 170m/185y

7-iron: 160m/175y

8-iron: 150m/164y

9-iron: 140m/153y

Pitch: 130m/142y

GW: 110m/120y

SW: 100m/109y

LW: 90m/98y

What makes you different?

I work really hard on every aspect of the game. I love practicing and developing different skills. I have good experience. Been through some up’s and downs, played in a lot of different events, both national and international.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Great opportunity for developing as a golfer. Getting the experience in college tournaments, playing for a team, playing good courses, as well as I’m able to practice outside for longer.

College Goals?

I want to develop as a golfer so I can make a living of it. I want to get loads of experience playing team events as well as playing high quality courses. Academic wise, my main goal is to get good grades and earn a degree as my back up plan to golf.

Anything else we should know?

I started playing golf when I was three years old, didn’t start taking it seriously until I was around 9. I have always dreamt about being a pro golfer.